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Geology is the scientific study of the earth, including its materials and resources, the physical and chemical processes that occur on its surface and in its interior, the development of landforms, and the methods for studying the planet. 

The Bachelor of Science in Geology degree provides a rigorous general background in the field of geology and allied disciplines.  The degree is designed for students who wish to prepare for graduate school, employment or state certification as a professional geologist.  The degree also provides rigorous scientific training for students seeking a career in science education.  This degree offers a more extensive requirement in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics compared with the Bachelor of Arts in Geology degree and is designed to optimize student opportunities.  The degree requires participation in an accredited field camp in geology.

The Bachelor of Arts in Geology provides a general background in the field of geology and requires a diversified liberal arts education in place of some of the allied disciplines.   The B.A. is an appropriate choice for students who wish to teach earth sciences at the secondary level and for those who wish to gain a general knowledge of the geosciences and their relationship to other sciences.  

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