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Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Astronomy
Chemistry Courses for Non Majors

These courses can be used to fulfill science general education requirements or requirements in health fields such as nursing, dental hygiene, etc.  Students in the health fields should contact their program for verification.  CHEM-C 101 and CHEM-C 121 are excellent preparatory in courses in chemistry for students majoring in the sciences.

  • CHEM-C 100 (The World of Chemistry, 3 cr)
  • CHEM-C 101 (Elementary Chemistry I, 3 cr)
  • CHEM-C 102 (Elementary Chemistry II, 3 cr)
  • CHEM-C 110 (The Chemistry of Life, 3 cr)
  • CHEM-C 120 (Chemistry Laboratory, 2 cr)
  • CHEM-C 121 (Elementary Chemistry Laboratory I, 2 cr)
  • CHEM-C 122 (elementary Chemistry Laboratory II, 2 cr)

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