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Prior to entering the program, students must complete the following minimum prerequisites. Prerequisities may be taken at any accredited college or university.  The code (G) indicates a course that meets the campus general-education requirements.

  • Oral communication (G) (3 cr.) (S121)
  • Written communication (G) (6 cr.) (W131 and second intensive writing course)
  • Arts and Humanities electives (G) (3 cr.)
  • Cultural and Historical Studies electives (G) (3 cr.)
  • An additional Arts and Humanities or Cultural and Historical studies elective (3 cr.)
  • Introductory psychology (G) (3 cr.)
  • Social/Behavioral science elective (3 cr.)
  • College-level mathematics (G) (3-4 cr.)
  • Statistics course (G) (3 cr.)
  • Human anatomy and phycology with lab (G) (8 cr.)
  • General or radiologic physics (3 cr.)
  • Health Professions course work or electives

Total minimum number of credit hours - 70 

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Curriculum

Summer Semeser II (Non-Health Professionals Only)
RADS R100 Orientation to Radiologic Technology (2 cr.)
RADS R185 Medical Terminology (1 cr.)

Total 3 cr.

Fall Semester
RADS R404 Sectional Imaging Anatomy (3 cr.)
RADS R408 Topics in Radiologic Sciences (3 cr.)
RADS R490 Fundamentals of Ultrasound (4 cr.)

Total 10 cr.

Spring Semester
RADS R491 DMS Imaging-Abdomen/Sm Pts (5 cr.)
RADS R492 DMS Imaging-OB/Gyne (5 cr.)
RADS R494 DMS Clinical Practicum I (6 cr.)

Total 16 cr.

Summer Semester
RADS R495 DMS Clinical Practicum II (6 cr.)

Total 6 cr.

Fall Semester
RADS R409 Senior Project in Medical Imaging Tech. (3 cr.)
RADS R493 Ultrasound Physics (4 cr.)
RADS R496 DMS Clinical Practicum III (8 cr.)

Total 15 cr.

TOTAL 50 cr.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfactory Completion of 120 credit hours to include 70 credit hours of prerequisite and general-education courses and 50 credit hours of professional courses. All professional courses must be completed in compliance with the program's and school's academic and professional policies. 

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