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The Clinical Concentration prepares qualified radiographers for advanced skills in 1) cardiovascular interventional technology, 2) computed tomography 3) magnetic resonance imaging technology, and 4) mammography. 

Students receive a theoretical foundation in these advanced imaging specialties and then select a clinical concentration. Clinical experience is obtained at local hospitals throughout northwest Indiana. 

Students interested in advanced clinical skills are encouraged to enroll in the Clinical Concentration courses. For every 1 credit hour of clinical course work, students spend 60 hours per semester in the clinical environment learning the advanced skills. 

Clinical Concentration Courses (0-12 Credit Hours Total)

  • R481 Clinical Practicum: Vascular Imaging (1-12 cr).  
  • R482 Clinical Practicum: Computed Tomography (1-12 cr.)
  • R483 Clinical Practicum: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (1-12 cr.)
  • R485 Clinical Practicum: Mammography (1-12 cr.)

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