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Third-Year Clerkships and Fourth-Year Courses and Elective

A full complement of third-year clinical experiences required for third-year medical students is offered at the Northwest Campus. The clinical years are what all medical students anticipate, a time when lectures and laboratories translate into patient care. The IU School of Medicine - Northwest students have wide access to a variety of clinical settings in Northwest Indiana. Numerous hospitals and outpatient facilities in Northwest Indiana and throughout the state provide students with valuable clinical experiences as they rotate throughouttheir electives. Fourth-year students have the unique opportunity to pursue electives for seven months — a large amount of time compared to with many other U.S. medical schools.

The third and fourth year curriculum also offers unique opportunities due to the campus location among the most underserved populations in the country to concentrate on Urban Health and Health Care Disparities.  Longitudinal experiences with urban families and service learning projects with teams of students from IU Northwest’s College of Health and Human Services and School of Public and Environmental Affairs are special features.

Year 3 is organized into three blocks of 16 weeks in duration that can be given in any order. One block is composed of clerkships in Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Surgical Subspecialties (and Anesthesia). The third is composed of Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and a vacation month.

Year 4 has three required courses of one month in duration and 28 weeks of elective courses. The required courses are Radiology, Emergency Medicine, and Medicine Sub-Internships.

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