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Dental Hygiene Career Options

The dental hygienist is a licensed member of the dental health team and is concerned with the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity. The dental hygienist completes a professional college program that entitles the graduate, upon successful completion of national, regional, and state board examinations, to perform specific preventive treatments; to expose and process dental radiographs (x-rays); to provide oral hygiene education; administer local anesthesia; and/or to participate as a dental health professional in federal, state, or local public health clinics, and educational programs.

IU Northwest currently offers a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene entry-level and a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene Degree Completion.  

Students interested in pursuing a dental hygiene degree should consult the Dental Education Program Advisor at IU Northwest at (219) 980-6770 or for an advising appointment.

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