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Dental Assisting Curriculum

Certificate in Dental Assisting

The dental assisting program at IU Northwest is a one year, 36 credit hour certificate program.  A dental assistant is a member of the dental health team who is educated to assist the dentist. The dental assistant aids the dentist in the detection, care, and treatment of the patient’s oral health.

Graduate dental assistants have completed a professional, accredited college program that entitles them to take a national certification examination administered by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB).  Upon successful completion of this examination, the assistant becomes a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA).

Dental Assisting Departmental Information Sheet

Clinical Externship Hour Requirements

A minimum of 300 clinical externship hours are required to meet academic and accreditation standards. Therefore, all clinical externship hours are mandatory and all missed time must be made up.  See the Dental Education Policy & Procedure Handbook and/or course syllabus for specific policies regarding clinical externship policies.

Advanced Degree

IU Northwest offers an educational program that allows students to apply a select number of their dental assisting credits toward an associate of science or a bachelor's degree in another discipline.

Fall Semester

• DAST A112 Dental/Medical Emergencies and Therapeutics (2 cr.)

• DAST A121 Microbiology and Asepsis Techniques (2 cr.)

• DAST A171 Clinical Science I (5 cr.)

• DHYG H214 Oral Anatomy (3 cr.)

• DHYG H242 Introduction to Dentistry (1 cr.)

• DHYG H303 Dental Radiology (2 cr.)

 Total (15 cr.)

 Spring Semester

• DAST A111 Oral Pathology, Physiology, and Anatomy I (2 cr.)

• DAST A113 Oral Pathology, Physiology, and Anatomy II (1 cr.)

• DAST A131 Dental Materials I (2 cr.)

• DAST A141 Preventive Dentistry & Nutrition (2 cr.)

• DAST A152 Radiology Clinic II (1 cr.)

• DAST A172 Clinical Science II (5 cr.)

 Total (13 cr.)

Summer I Session

• DAST A132 Dental Materials II (2 cr.)

• DAST A161 Behavioral Science (1 cr.)

• DAST A162 Oral and Written Communications (2 cr.)

• DAST A182 Practice Management, Ethics, and Jurisprudence (2 cr.)

• DHYG H224 Oral Histology and Embryology (1 cr.)

  Total (8 cr.)

Additional Information

Please contact the Dental Education Program Advisor, Dawn Marciniak for additional information at (219) 980-6770 or by e-mail at

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