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Admission Policies

Essential Performance Standards

A certificate in dental assisting or degree in dental hygiene attests to the mastery of knowledge and skills. Graduates must possess the essential knowledge and skills to function in a variety of clinical situations and render a wide spectrum of patient care in a safe and effective manner. The Dental Education faculty has therefore specified non-academic criteria, Essential Performance Standards, which all applicants and students are expected to meet in order to participate in the dental assisting and dental hygiene programs. These criteria include the following five categories: observation; communication; motor function; intellectual-conceptual, integrative and qualitative abilities; and behavior and social attributes. 

Dental Education Policy & Procedure Handbook

All Dental Education students are provided with a Dental Education Policy & Procedure Handbook prior to their Student Orientation. This document is updated annually to reflect ongoing changes in clinical and program requirements and policies. While the Dental Education department provides these updates, it is the student’s responsibility to maintain the currency of the handbook and refer to the most current regulations.

CPR Requirement

All Dental Education students enrolled in their respective programs must present evidence of current healthcare provider certification prior to the beginning of each year. Two options are available:

• American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support for HealthCare Provider level (preferred)

• American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer

OSHA Regulations

Health requirements and OSHA regulations include annual education on bloodborne pathogens.  See the Dental Education Policy & Procedure Handbook for annual regulatory requirements.

Health Requirements

All Dental Education students must show proof annually that they have met the immunization, physical examination, and dental examination requirements prior to participating in any clinical courses. Specific instructions are distributed prior to the Student Orientation.  Special circumstances may arise which require additional action. Failure to meet health requirements and their deadlines makes the student ineligible for clinical courses and therefore, the student will receive an absence(s).

Criminal Background Checks

Most of the clinical sites where IU Northwest Dental Education students complete their hands-on clinical experiences require a national criminal background check before students can be placed in their assigned facilities.  Based on the requirements of these agencies, as well as state and federal regulations, all students in the Dental Education programs must undergo a national background check prior to admission and annually thereafter. The Dental Education department has selected to complete these background checks. The background check includes residency history for the past year and county/counties of residence criminal records. The results of a student's background check may impact his or her admission status in the Dental Education programs, preclude students from attending clinical, and/or affect ability to obtain licensure.  If an incident occurs that would change the student’s background check, the student is required to notify the Dental Education department immediately. The student will be required to pay for a background re-check. Failure to adhere to the above policy will result in dismissal from the program. The student will not be able to re-register until this requirement is met. The student will be responsible for any late registration fees incurred. If clinical time is missed, the student is subject to the clinical absence policy.

Drug Screen Policy

Some clinical sites may require a drug screen.  In addition, faculty reserves the right to require a drug screen, at the student's expense, if the situation warrants.  Failure to comply immediately will result in dismissal from the Dental Education programs.

Personal Health Insurance

The Dental Education department strongly encourages students to carry personal health insurance.  The department will not be liable for any health problems requiring medical treatment for students enrolled in the programs.

Professional Liability Insurance

All students in the Dental Education programs having patient/client contact are covered under the malpractice contract for Indiana University.  This liability insurance does not extend to employment outside of course-related activities. The student should know that failure to pay course and other fees results in non-coverage under Indiana University’s malpractice contract.  Non-coverage makes the student ineligible to attend clinical classes.

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