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About the B.S. in Applied Health Sciences

The BSAHS degree is joint online degree program offered collectively by all five IU-managed regional campuses.   The curriculum is available in an all-online format through the statewide BSAHS consortium.
The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Applied Health Sciences program is a 120 credit hour online program. The program is for individuals with an Associate of Science (A.S.) or Associate of Arts (A.A) degree, or who have completed at least 30 credit hours of coursework that can be applied toward the degree.  Students with A.S or A.A degrees who enter the program will transfer in 60 – 64 credit hours from their degree. Students with associate degrees are expected to complete the degree in two academic years (four semesters). Full-time students entering with 30 credit hours are expected to complete in three year.

The Online BSAHS is “student-centered,” appealing to a wide spectrum of traditional and non-traditional students who have an interest in a health sector career but do not wish pursue clinical degree programs.

The program allows flexibility for students who are seeking to complete their degrees while meeting their responsibilities to their families and/or employers.

The degree design offers health workers with previous college credit (including those with associate degrees) a convenient, high-quality option for completing a baccalaureate degree that students can pursue while working full- or part-time.

The degree provides additional skills and training needed to advance within the student’s chosen profession. It is also appropriate for those who wish to find a new career in the health care field.

Academic Advising

Students with a declared major are advised in the academic unit on their home campus. To determine who your advisor is and how to contact them, see One.IU.

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