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The School of Business and Economics is proud to offer our students the opportunity to participate in the Award-winning Assessment Center. The Center fulfills two primary objectives. The first objective is to assure that our students have gained the necessary core business knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in their chosen field. It also serves as a monitor to ensure that our curriculum is effective and relevant. 

Secondly, the Center provides an opportunity for students to develop professional skills that are highly sought after by employers such as critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, and ethics. Students experience the Assessment Center as part of their coursework as freshmen and then again as seniors. They experience challenging work-related simulated problems that they must resolve. The performance of each student is evaluated by a team of professional evaluators and an individualized report is given to each one, highlighting strengths as well as opportunities for development. As students work through curriculum, there are several experiences embedded in the coursework that helps them improve their skills.

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