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Applied retroactively from Spring 2017 forward-any prior grade, not otherwise excluded by this policy, is eligible for replacement by grades earned in Spring 2017 and beyond.

Undergraduate students who receive a grade lower than an A may be eligible, upon retaking the course, to remove the earlier grade from their grade point average (GPA). The original grade will be replaced on the transcript with the letter grade followed by an X (e.g., a D would be replaced with a DX, a C with a CX, etc.) and the new grade will be recorded in the semester the course was retaken. Students wishing to exercise this option must request the change from their academic unit who will complete the appropriate form and send to the Registrar.

Please note the following restrictions:
• Students may apply for an Extended-X for a maximum of 3 courses or 10 credits, whichever comes first.
• A student may use the Extended-X option only once for a given course.
• A student receiving a grade of W or I will not qualify for removal of the original grade.
• Courses repeatable with different content are not eligible for replacement under this policy unless an academic unit chooses to permit this by means of a specific authorization procedure.
• Students must complete the Extended-X process prior to graduation.
• Graduate students are not eligible for an Extended-X. (This applies to solely graduate students, not to graduate courses)
• A student who has failed a course due to academic dishonesty may not retake that course for grade replacement under this policy.
• Not all schools recognize the Extended-X policy in the same manner. Students should refer to their school's web site, advisors or records office to determine their eligibility for application of this policy.
• Students planning to apply to professional or graduate schools should consult their advisor as many programs manually recalculate applicants' GPAs, and the originally received grade will still be published on the student 's transcript.
• Transfer courses are not eligible attempts under this policy. Only graded courses taken at JU are eligible prior attempts.

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