College of Arts and Sciences


Bachelor of Arts
Distribution Courses by Discipline

Approved Group III Distribution Courses by Discipline


Group III-A:

Physical & Life Sciences

Group III-B:

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Group III-C:





A101, A103, A204, A206, A230, A240, A250, A260, A261, A280, A282, A301, A302, A304, A341, A398, A401, A410, A498

A150, A151, A169, A208, A210, A249, A255, A290, A333, A355, A356, A370, A379, A380, A392, A406, A440, A494


A105, A303, B200, B201, B206, B250, B300, B400, B464, B466

Laboratory Designation: B201

A104, A200, A304, A360, E200, E205, E324, E400, E445, L300, P200

E300, E320, P360


A100, A105, A200



B351, B352, L100, L101, L102, L104, L200, L215, L300, L302, L310, L311, L312, L316, L321, L331, L350, L363, L378, M200, M310, M315, P130, P261, P262, P416, Z370, Z380, Z406, Z460,

Laboratory Designation: B300, B352, B355, L100 as a 5 credit hour class, L101, L102, L200, L215, L311, L312, L323, L391, when taken as a 1 or 2 credit hour lab, M200, M215, M310, M315, P261, P262, P263 as a 1 credit hour lab, P431


Canadian Studies


C101, C301, C350, C400, C495, H230


C100, C101, C102, C105, C106, C121, C122, C125, C126

Laboratory Designation: C120, C121, C122, C125, and C126





C320, S122, S228, S229, S238, S322, S324, S329, S336, S405, S424, S440, S450, S480

S321, S427

Comparative Literature


C145, C146, C190, C253, C255, C256, C340, C460

Computer Information


A201, A210, A302, C106, C201, C307, C311, C343, D345




E103, E104, E270




L101, L102, L201, L202, L203, L204, L205, L207, L211, L212, L295, L305, L308, L311, L315, L326, L332, L335, L345, L346, L347, L348, L351, L352, L354, L355, L357, L358, L364, L365, L366, L369, L370, L381, L382, L390, L391, L440, W301, W303

Laboratory Designation: W301, W303

Fine Arts


A101, A102, A160, A331, A332, A341, A342, A383, A396, A435, A442, A449, F100, F101, F102, H100, S200, S230, S240, S250, S260, S270, S291, S301, S331, S337, S338, S341, S344, S351, S352, S353, S361, S371, S392

Laboratory Designation: F100, F101, F102, S200, S230, S240, S250, S260, S270, and S291



F300, F305, F306, F341, F375, F391, F424, F441, F443, F444, F450, F452, F453, F454, F463, F464

Laboratory Designation: F300



G110, G120, G213, G250, G313, G314, G315, G327



G101, G102, G103, G107, G108, G185, G209, G210, G221, G222, G317, G323, G334, G406, G413, G415, G435, G451

Laboratory Designation: G102, G103, G209




B391, T426

A301, A303, A313, A314, A315, A317, A318, A321, A322, A323, A346, A347, A348, A352, A355, A356, A363, A369, A382, A391, A392, A446, B200, B300, B304, B351, B352, B353, B354, B356, B357, B359, B361, B362, B363, B364, B393, C300, C386, C388, C389, C390, D200, D300, D310, D418, D426, F301, F444, G315, G410, G369, G369, G387, H105, H106, H107, H113, H114, H201, H202, H203, H205, H207, H215, H219, H220, H225, H227, H228, H232, H260, H262, J485, T325, T425

Latino Studies


C213, C446

C101, C151, C301, C351, C352, C344



L103, L210, L315



M100, M110, M118, M119, M215, M216, M301, M311, M320, M343, M344, M360, M366, M371, M391, M393, M403, M405, M413, M414, M420, M425, M435, M436, M447, M448, M463,M477, M483, M485, M486, T336







P100, P117, P135, P140, P150,  P200, P201, P206, P211, P221, P246, P250, P301, P304, P306, P310, P316, P335, P339, P342,  P343, P346, P360, P371, P383,  P393, P490


P101, P120, P201, P202, P221, P222

Laboratory Designation: P101, P102, P221, P222


Political Science


Y103, Y105, Y107, Y109, Y163, Y200, Y205, Y301, Y302, Y303, Y304, Y305, Y306, Y307, Y308, Y313, Y316, Y318, Y319, Y339, Y360, Y362, Y366, Y372, Y373, Y381, Y382, Y383, Y384, Y388, Y390, Y394, Y401



P326, P329, P407, P417

P101, P102, P211, P216, P303, P314, P316, P319, P320, P324, P325, P327, P335, P336, P388, P389, P430, P432, P460


Religious Studies


R160, R300, R340



S161, S163, S164, S210, S215, S230, S250, S251, S254, S261, S262, S303, S309, S310, S311, S313, S314, S315, S316, S317, S320, S325, S328, S331, S335, S337, S340, S403, S410, S416, S418, S419, S420, S431, S441, S450, S470





S240, S301, S302, S323, S360, S363, S408, S411, S412, S413, S420, S423, S435, S450, S470, S474, S479, S490







T100, T120, T220, T225, T228, T230, T302, T326, T335, T470, T471

Laboratory Designation: T120, T225, T230, T335

Women’s & Gender Studies


W200, W300, W301, W400

W201, W302, W401

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