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Minority Studies
Minor in Race-Ethnic Studies

Race-Ethnic Studies allows students interested in Afro-American and Latino Studies to develop a focus of study in both programs. This field leads to a broad understanding of the minority experience in the United States and those of diaspora peoples; how the phenomena of race, gender, and class have influenced communities and individuals; how minority groups define themselves and what strategies they have utilized for survival; who the people called African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and Asian Americans are.

Credit Hours Required—A minimum of 15 credit hours required.


  • AFRO-A 151 / CHRI-C 151 Minority People in the United States (3 cr.)
  • 4 courses from the listings for the Department of Minority Studies (IU Northwest Bulletin) (3 cr.)
  • Meeting the following distribution pattern
    • 2 courses from course listings in Afro-American studies (6 cr.)
    • At least one course at 200, 300, or 400 level (3 cr.)
    • 2 courses from course listings in Latino Studies (6 cr.)
    • At least 1 course at 200, 300, or 400 level (3 cr.)

Total (15 cr.)

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