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Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy
About the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy provides students with excellent opportunities to study the chemical and physical sciences.  The department offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry, an interdepartmental major in Environmental Science, a Minor in Physics, and selection of Astronomy courses.

Program Highlights

The department has a small number of full time faculty engaging in a wide variety of disciplines within chemistry and physics.  The size of the department allows for small student/faculty ratios with frequent individualized attention to our students. 

Students are encouraged to participate in research with faculty mentors.  The department offers fully equipped modern teaching and research labs, giving students the opportunity to use state of the art instruments for their research.  Research can be conducted within several areas, including organic, physical, inorganic, and environmental chemistry.  There are also ample opportunities to engage in research with other academic disciplines such as biology, geosciences, physics, psychology, computer information systems, and medicine. 

The Chemistry program collaborates with the IU School of Medicine – Northwest, located on campus, as well as with other research institutions within the greater metropolitan area to give a unique hands-on experience to students on a pre-medical academic track.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree program is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Career Opportunities

Many chemistry graduates find jobs within the chemical industry or proceed to graduate or medical school or to other professional schools.  The program accommodates students seeking a career in chemistry or physical sciences as well as pre-professional training in the medical sciences (pre-medical, pre-dental, and allied health sciences).

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