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Business Northwest Courses
  • BUNW-A 510 Management Communications (3 cr.) Investigates communication processes and strategies used by managers. Students will learn to use critical thinking skills to develop and present effective oral and written presentations to business audiences; to identify, assess, and select alternate communication strategies. Presentation software and other computer applications will be integrated in the course. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-A 512 Statistical Tools for Management (3 cr.) Application of probability theory and statistics to business decision making. Builds on knowledge from previous courses. Topical areas included are random distributions, sampling theory, inference testing, simple and multiple regression, correlation and curve- fitting, analysis of variance, experimental design, factor analysis, and time series analysis. (MBA Foundation Course)
  • BUNW-A 513 Accounting for Decision Making (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Accounting is an integral part of a management information system. This course emphasizes obtaining, organizing, and using accounting information from the standpoint of internal management for planning and control. The course is divided equally between financial and managerial topics that focus on uses of accounting information. (MBA Core Course)
  • BUNW-A 514 Economics for Managers (3 cr.) Provides the student with an opportunity to learn the central core of traditional microeconomic theory, including the theory of the firm, the theory of consumer demand, and the theory of markets, while also introducing applications of the theory to several areas of business decision making. (MBA Foundation Course)
  • BUNW-A 515 Management and Organization Behavior (3 cr.) Review of management history and the role of managers. Includes management principles, concepts, and functions, and their relationships to effective management of modern organizations. Includes models of leadership, motivation, and communication; and integration of the individual, group, and organization. (MBA Foundation Course)
  • BUNW-A 516 Management Information Systems (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. An integration of applications and techniques. The design of management information systems. Advanced topics include the interaction between organizational structure, the information system, and the database. Case studies of system design and implementation. (MBA Core Course)
  • BUNW-B 511 Marketing Management (3 cr.) Marketing planning and decision making examined from the firm's and consumers' points of view, marketing concept and its company-wide implications; integration of marketing with other functions. Market structure and behavior and their relationship to marketing strategy. Marketing systems viewed in terms of both public and private policy in a pluralistic society. (MBA Foundation Course)
  • BUNW-B 512 Financial Management (3 cr.) An introduction to the firm's investment, financing, and dividend decisions. Working capital management, capital budgeting, and capital structure strategies. (MBA Foundation Course)
  • BUNW-B 513 Operations Management (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Application of statistical and quantitative techniques to the design of work methods and standards, materials management and handling systems, inventory control, scheduling and planning, production-line design, plant layout and location, maintenance, and product control. Includes discussion of material requirements planning (MRP and MRP-II), just-in-time inventory (JIT) and its Japanese equivalent KANBAN, quality control (QC), and operations strategy. (MBA Core Course)
  • BUNW-B 514 Legal, Ethical and Social Environment of Business (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Basic understanding of the legal environment and the roles that legal factors, from local ordinances to international law, play in all business decisions. Legal concepts are illustrated from the viewpoint of the individual firm. (MBA Core Course)
  • BUNW-B 515 Introduction to International Business (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Economic, political, and social environment of foreign business affairs in "developed" and "underdeveloped" countries. Influence of business policy environment in marketing and overseas operations. (MBA International Elective)
  • BUNW-C 512 Managing in a Team-Based Organization (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Uses multiple psychological and behavioral assessment tools as a foundation to evaluate and enhance student capabilities in teamwork and leadership. (MBA Core Course)
  • BUNW-C 515 Advanced Marketing Management (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. A case approach to marketing problems and solutions involving marketing adaptations of conceptual, quantitative, behavioral, and economic analysis. (MBA Core Course)
  • BUNW-C 517 Financial Management Analysis (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Application of financial theory and techniques of analysis in searching for optimal solutions to financial management problems. (MBA Core Course)
  • BUNW-D 511 Management Strategy (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses and BUNW A516, BUNW 0517, BUNW B513, and one of last four classes taken prior to graduation. Administration of the business firm from the point of view of top management. Formulation and administration of policy; integration of internal operations with each other and with the environment; diagnosis of executive and organizational problems; evaluation of administrative strategies. Case studies and research reports supplement lectures, discussions, and selected readings. (MBA Core Course)
  • BUNW-E 501 International Economics: Globalization and International Economies in Transition (3 cr.) History and challenges of globalization in the twenty first century; economic reform process in the developed and developing world; emerging markets, country report on fast-growing economies of Asia, Africa, South America and the transitional economies of Eastern Europe. (MBA International Elective)
  • BUNW-F 517 Speculative Markets and Investment Strategies (3 cr.) P: BUNW B512. An in-depth analysis of the market for commodities, options, and real estate; and capital management within the legal, competitive, and economic environment. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-F 524 Investment Management (3 cr.) P: BUNW B512.

    Conceptual and analytical frameworks for formulating investment policies, analyzing securities, and constructing portfolio strategies for individuals and institutions. (MBA Elective)

  • BUNW-F 527 Speculative Markets and Investment Strategies (3 cr.) P: BUNW B512. An in-depth analysis of the market for commodities, options, and real estate; and capital management within the legal, competitive, and economic environment. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-F 575 Management of International Operations (3 cr.) P: BUNW B512. Financial management of foreign operations of the firm. Financial constraints of the international environment and their effect on standard concepts of financial management. Study of international currency flows, forward cover, and international banking practices. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-F 591 Independent Study in Business (1-6 cr.) P: Consent of instructor and dean.
  • BUNW-G 514 Human Resources Management (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Modern personnel practices such as recruitment and selection, job classification, and training and development in a contemporary setting; the roles of management, government, and unions in collective bargaining.
  • BUNW-G 522 Personnel Measurement (3 cr.) P: BUNW A512, BUNW A515. Examination of techniques for measuring personnel characteristics and performance. Basic research methods and techniques. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-G 540 Labor Economics (3 cr.) P: BUNW A514. The economic issues and implications of the labor force. Particular emphasis on labor markets, earnings, hours of work, unemployment, and inflation. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-G 545 Collective Bargaining (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Emphasis is on the negotiating process, the structure of bargaining, and the issues involved in the bargaining process. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-G 549 Topics in Collective Bargaining (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. In-depth analysis of contemporary collective bargaining issues, topics, etc. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-M 503 Applied Marketing Research (3 cr.) P: BUNW B511, BUNW A512. An analytical information- based approach to solving major classes of marketing management problems, such as forecasting, market segmentation, and resource allocation. Case problem applications of problem structuring and marketing data collection processing, and analysis. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-M 550 Buyer Behavior (3 cr.) P: BUNW B511 or equivalent. Buyer behavior relevant to marketing decisions. Analysis of buyer capacities, capabilities, and motivations in relation to environmental factors and the marketing context. Implications for product design and promotion. Applications of behavioral sciences to buyer behavior. Survey of research methods and behavioral models. Discussion of contemporary issues in both consumer and industrial buyer behavior. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-M 595 International Marketing (3 cr.) P: BUNW B511 or equivalent. Due to the rise of emerging markets such as China and India, and the regional trade blocks such as NAFTA and the EU, the world trade is undergoing a rapid transformation. As a result, U.S. businesses, large and small, are becoming deeply involved in international business. Under these circumstances, it is imperative that business managers possess the skill sets to adapt their marketing strategies to the needs of international markets. This course will cover the concepts and theories pertaining to international marketing, and provide the tools necessary to develop an international marketing plan.
  • BUNW-S 560 Management Information Systems Design and Applications (3 cr.) P: BUNW A516. Integration and application of the concepts, tools, and techniques learned in prior management of information systems courses using case and/or field studies. Consideration of the economic, organizational, behavioral, technical, legal, and other environmental contingencies in information systems design. Consideration of issues in project team management and systems integration. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-W 511 New Venture Creation (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Covers the entire breadth of the new venture-creation process, from idea generation to financing the proposed venture. The course employs lectures and case analyses to introduce a substantive framework for new ventures. Students develop business plan proposals in teams and then simulate the negotiation process of obtaining capital. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-W 516 Organization Development and Change (3 cr.) P: BUNW A515. Techniques for introducing and successfully managing change in complex organizations. Forces inducing change, organizational barriers to change, strategies for overcoming resistance to change, intervention techniques, and elements of effective programs for organizational change. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-W 530 Organizations and Organizational Design (3 cr.) P: BUNW A515. Designing the basic organizational structure and the operating mechanisms that implement this basic structure. Design of the structure involves dividing and assigning the organization's work among positions and work groups (departments). Operating mechanisms include control procedures, information systems, reward systems, and spatial arrangements. Theories and applications to a wide variety of organizations. (MBA Elective)
  • BUNW-W 511 Seminar in Industrial Relations (3 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Explores current issues in industrial relations and human resource management, including management decisions about recruiting, testing, hiring, assessing performance, structuring compensation, and retaining workers. Current public policy issues will also be discussed. (MBA Elective)

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