Application Process for Freshman Students

Each freshman applicant must submit the following:

  1. The completed undergraduate admission application (online application preferred)
  2. An official high school transcript plus official college transcripts if dual credit has been earned with a C or better.
  3. SAT/ACT scores if current high school senior or those who have been out of high school for less than one year (or within one year of when should have graduated if GED recipients)
  4. A $35 application fee (or 21st Century Scholar or SAT/ACT fee waiver if applicable)
  5. AP Credit by examination scores, if applicable
  6. Criminal Activity Disclosure statement, if applicable
  7. DD214 and other military transcripts, if veteran (for credit granting purpose only)

IU Northwest supports the State of Indiana Core 40 curriculum. Indiana residents graduating from high school in 2011 or thereafter must complete Core 40 to satisfy the minimum requirement for admission. Out-of-state applicants are expected to complete an equivalent college preparation curriculum. Students not completing Core 40 can prove they are prepared to succeed in college coursework by successfully completing at least twelve credit hours of college-level courses with at least a “C’ average or at least the equivalent in each course and applying to IU Northwest as a transfer student.

Indiana University has adopted the following admissions policies to insure that undergraduate students are prepared for university work. Applicants for admission to Indiana University will be expected to meet the following criteria.

Persons applying for admissions to degree programs should have graduated from a state-accredited high school and completed, before they matriculate, the following 40 credits:

  1. Eight credits of English, including a balance of literature, composition and speech.
  2. Six credits of social studies, including U.S. history, world history/civilization, economics, U.S. government 
  1. Six credits of math including four credits of algebra and two credits of geometry or an equivalent six credits of integrated algebra and geometry
  2. Six credits of laboratory science, including biology, chemistry or physics, or integrated chemistry-physics
  3. Five credits in some combination of world languages, fine arts or career-technical
  4. Two credits of physical education and one credit of health
  5. Six elective credits which are recommended to be of college-preparatory nature

If the requirements of an out-of-state applicant's high school diploma preclude satisfying these course requirements, then alternate college-preparatory courses may be substituted where necessary.

Applicants are expected to have at least a cumulative GPA of 2.0, rank in the top half of their class (if applicable), and have SAT or ACT scores that meet or exceed the median score for high school students in the region we serve. Applicants who are deficient in some of the standards listed above (excluding the Core 40) may be admitted on a probationary status after further consideration of academic abilities, motivation, and maturity.

Any denied student will be referred to the Director of Academic Success and Achievement Programs for information on the Reach Program in conjunction with Ivy Tech Community College.

Students without a high school diploma may submit a GED certificate showing an average score of at least 50 (before January 1, 2003) or 500 (after January 1, 2003).

Academic Bulletins

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