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Graduate Licensing Programs in the SOE

To be admitted to a graduate licensure program, students must have a bachelor's degree and a 2.5 grade point average. Admission to all programs also requires the passing of specific Praxis I exams. Students are advised to visit the Office of Education Student Services to see which exams are required in their specific areas. All programs leading to a new license have portfolio requirements based on the Conceptual Framework for Initial Programs.

These programs focus on helping students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a reflective professional teacher. This program is based upon the School of Education's Reflective Professional model. The research-based conceptual framework for this model contains nine program outcome areas. They are:

  • Communications Skills
  • Higher-Order Thinking Skills
  • Instructional Media Services and Technology
  • Learning and Development
  • School Culture and Diversity
  • Instructional Design and Delivery
  • Classroom Management
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Professional Development

A valid extended criminal background check is required of all students in these programs. Student portfolios must contain at least one artifact for each of the outcomes listed above. Each artifact must be scored at a 3 or better on a 4 point scale.

Rules 2002 and REPA Licenses

  • Elementary and Special Education (Teaching All Learners undergraduate program)
  • Special Education: Mild Interventions (K-12)
  • Visual Arts (K-12)
  • Secondary Education (Urban Teacher Education Program)
    • Language Arts (English and Speech)
    • Mathematics
    • Science (Earth Science, Chemistry, and/ or Life Science)
    • Social Studies (Economics, Government, Historical Perspectives, Psychology, and/ or Sociology)
    • Visual Arts
  • Building Level Administration

License Additions for teachers already holding Rules 46/47  and Rules 2002 licenses

  • Elementary
    • Kindergarten Endorsement
    • Visual Arts Endorsement

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