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Urban Teacher Education Program - Option II

The Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) is a program leading toward licensing in selected areas. UTEP functions at two academic levels: Option I (undergraduate) and Option II (graduate).

Option II

Option II is designed to attract the best and brightest non-education majors who desire to be urban teachers. Successful completion of the program (licensure) will be obtained by demonstrating successful functioning in an urban classroom; receiving a satisfactory evaluation of performance by a mentor, university supervisor, and building administrator; passing Praxis I and Praxis II exams; and completing required course and portfolio requirements.


  • EDUC S508: Content Area Methods in the Urban Classroom. Separate sections for English/Speech/ Mathematics/ Science/Social Studies (3 cr.)
  • EDUC S510 Methods of Teaching in Secondary Urban Schools (3 cr.)
  • EDUC K505 Introduction to Special Education (3 cr.)
  • EDUC L517 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Reading in the Junior High and Secondary Schools (3 cr.)
  • EDUC T550 Cultural/ Community Forces and the School (3 cr.)
  • EDUC M501 Field Experience in Urban Classrooms (3 cr.)
  • EDUC S508 Content Area Methods in the Urban Classroom. Separate sections for English/Mathematics/ Science/Social Studies/Visual Arts (3 cr.)
  • EDUC P507 Testing in the Classroom (3 cr.)
  • EDUC M550 Student Teaching (12 weeks) (3 cr.)

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