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Admission to the M.P.A. Program

Students that entered MPA Program prior to Fall 2013, please refer to Academic Bulletin 2010-12.  


The prospective student should complete and return application packet to the following address:

Indiana University Northwest
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Graduate Program Committee
3400 Broadway
Gary, IN 46408

Application Fee

A nonrefundable application fee of $40 is required of all applicants.

Application Requirements

For more information on SPEA’s graduate programs and for questions regarding the application process, please call 219-980-6695.

The following items should be compiled and submitted in one final packet if you wish to pursue your graduate career.

1. Graduate Application and Residency Form

2. Official copy of transcripts from undergraduate institution and/or graduate institution you have attended:

- Student must have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0

-OR Student will need to take the GRE and score in the 50th percentile or higher 

**Students who have taken another graduate exam (such as the LSAT or GMAT) may submit evidence indicating their score was in the 50th percentile or higher.

3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae

4. Writing Sample

5. Letter of Intent

6. 3 letters of reference sealed and sent to student for final packet

7. Submit check or money order in the amount of $40. Make all checks payable to Indiana University Northwest

Baccalaureate Degree

Certification of a baccalaureate degree is required for entrance into the M.P.A. Program. Although the student may not have completed the undergraduate work at the time of application, a decision will be made on the strength of the student's work at the time of application. However, a final transcript, showing baccalaureate degree must become a part of the permanent record before the student can be formally admitted.

Application References

Students should ask three individuals who are familiar with their activities and potential to fill out an Application Reference Form. These forms will be provided with the application form.


Following notice of admission, an applicant has one calendar year in which to enroll. Supplementary transcripts of any academic work undertaken during that period are required, and the division may request additional letters of recommendation. Should the updated material prove unsatisfactory, the admission may be canceled. If the applicant fails to enroll within one year, a complete new application is required.

Examinations for Admission

SPEA considers results from the GRE, GMAT or LSAT, but the GRE is most common among our applicants.  Preparing to take the test and getting official  test scores can be a lengthy process, so plan accordingly. 

Admission Committee

Each application, with accompanying transcripts and other documents, is considered carefully by the graduate program committee for the appropriate degree. While the applicant's undergraduate scholastic performance is the most significant index of ability to do graduate work, the test scores, recommendations, writing samples and the student's letter of intent can weigh heavily in the final decision of the admission committee.  The aim is to select those applicants who can successfully complete graduate study and be effective in public affairs. 

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