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Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Admission Policies

Three categories of students are admitted to the baccalaureate program:

  • Basic or traditional baccalaureate students pursuing initial preparation for nursing
  • B.A./B.S. to B.S.N. (students who hold a bachelor's degree in fields other than nursing)
  • RN to B.S.N. (students who hold an associate’s degree or diploma in nursing and who hold a valid nursing license)

Admission Procedure

1.  Admission to Indiana University as a degree- seeking student.

2.  Completion of 26-28 credit hours of prerequisite courses (including those listed below) with a grade of C (2.0) or above in each course by the second completed attempt and prior to fall semester admission.  Students may repeat no more than three (3) required B.S.N. general-education courses. Of the three (3) courses, no more than two (2) sciences may be repeated. 

  • W131 English Composition
  • P261/P262 Anatomy & Physiology I and II
  • P101 or P102 Introduction to Psychology
  • S161 Principles of Sociology
  • M100 Elementary Algebra (or a higher level math course, excluding M110)
  • C110 The Chemistry of Life

3.  Submission of the Application for Admission to the Baccalaureate Nursing Major by April 1 for fall semester. Applications are obtained from the School of Nursing website.

4.  Achieve a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average and a minimum 2.7 prenursing grade point average. The cumulative grade point average (GPA) will be calculated according to the Indiana University Policy for FX Grading Option regardless of when the course was taken. The nursing GPA is calculated on all required courses for the nursing program. Students may exercise the grade replacement policy for a limit of three general education courses not to exceed 10 credit hours.   

5.  Return of the signed acceptance letter by the date indicated on the offer of admission.

6.  Submission of an official transcript to the School of Nursing for all work being transferred from another university. To obtain an official transcript, the student must request an official transcript from the other institution(s) to be forwarded to the Office of Admissions, IU Northwest, for evaluation.

Applicants meeting the above criteria will be placed in rank order from high to low based upon the prenursing grade point average in the required prerequisite courses.

The traditional baccalaureate curriculum has one year of prerequisite courses followed by three years of nursing and other general education courses. Nursing courses are open only to students who have been certified into the nursing program. Prerequisite courses may be taken at any of the Indiana University campuses or may be accepted as transfer credits from other accredited institutions.

Direct all inquiries concerning the School of Nursing, advising, and application to the program to the Coordinator of Student Services, School of Nursing, 3400 Broadway, Gary, IN 46408. Phone: (219) 980-6611.

Admission to the Baccalaureate Major for Traditional Undergraduate Students

Admission to the baccalaureate nursing major is highly selective and competitive.

Application and admission are valid only for the semester designated and will be considered when the following requirements are met:

B.A./B.S. to B.S.N. Mobility Option for Graduates of a Bachelor's Degree Program in a Nonnursing Field

Admission to the B.A./B.S. to B.S.N. Mobility Option is competitive. Candidates for admission will have previously earned a bachelors degree in a nonnursing field with a graduation GPA of 2.5 or higher, have an IU GPA of 2.5, and a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for all general-education course work counting toward the B.S.N. degree. All general education requirements must be met prior to program admission.

R.N. to B.S.N. Mobility Option for Graduates of an Associate of Science Degree or Diploma Program 

Students wishing to be admitted to the RN to BSN Mobility Option must be Registered Nurses with an unencumbered license to practice nursing, and have a graduation GPA of 2.5 from their Associate Degree or Diploma Program.  Also, all general education requirements should be met before admission to this option. Students may apply for admission in summer, spring, or fall.

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