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Patient-Centered Learning Program

The academic program at the Northwest Campus is designed around the principle that the learning of essential basic science information should occur in the context of patient interaction, patient case studies, and practice of clinical skills. To that end, the faculty of the Northwest Campus have dedicated themselves to a student-centered and patient-centered approach that involves their widely acclaimed Problem Based Learning Curriculum, the unique History and Physical Learning Center, the Steven C. Beering Library, externship opportunities with local physicians and hospitals, and the participation of 132 volunteer community physicians.

The Northwest campus Patient-Centered Learning Program provides an unique opportunity within the Indiana system for students to experience a different, and we think excellent, approach to medical student learning.
We welcome visits from prospective students who would like to learn more about our Patient-Centered Learning Program and to participate with our first or second year medical students in one of the case-based learning sessions described below. Please contact Dr. Pat Bankston, assistant dean and director,, to schedule a visit.

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