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Dental Education
Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene Completion Degree

Prior Credit:  Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene Prerequisites (35 credit hours)
Prior Credit:  Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene Professional (62 credit hours)

General Education Courses (22 credit hours)

  • MATH M100 Basic Mathematics (4 cr.)
  • PBHL P201 Urban Public Health (3 cr.)
  • ENG W231  Professional Writing Skills (3 cr.)
  • PSY K300   Statistical Techniques  (3 cr.) 
  • Cultural and Historical Elective  (3 cr.) 
  • Arts and Humanities Electives (6 cr.)             

Professional Education Courses (9 credit hours)

  • DHYG H351  Adv. Dental Hygiene Education (2 cr.) 
  • DHYG H402  Practicum in Dental Hygiene (3 cr.)
  • DHYG H403  Advanced Community Dental Hygiene  (4 cr.)

Total Credits:  128 cr. 

Students who do not enter the degree completion program with at least a total of 90 semester hours, but who have met all the other prerequisite qualifications, may need to take additional credit hours to accrue the minimum total college credit hours necessary to award the Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene from IU Northwest.

The associate degree dental hygiene programs offered at the IU campuses (Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Northwest and South Bend) have at least 90 credit hours.

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