Academic Standing

Attendance and Course Committment Policy

Attendance and active participation in courses are key factors for academic success. Students who do not attend their classes and who do not complete their assignments in a timely manner are less likely to successfully complete their courses. At the discretion of the academic department, students who do not attend the first scheduled week of classes and who have not made prior arrangements with their instructor may be subject to administrative withdrawal. At the discretion of the faculty, students who miss more than 50% of their class meetings and/or who do not actively participate in their enrolled classes during the first four weeks of the fall or spring semesters may be subject to administrative withdrawal from their courses. Students may be administratively withdrawn regardless of their class level or standing. Courses in which the Attendance and Course Commitment Policy applies are approved by the academic department and applies to all sections. The Office of the Registrar will maintain and publish a list of courses that have been approved to enforce the Attendance and Course Commitment Policy. In courses in which this policy applies, notice of the Attendance and Course Commitment Policy, including a definition of active participation, must be included in the course syllabus. Students must be informed that administrative withdrawal may have an impact on their financial aid awards and/or student visa status. Students who are administratively withdrawn from their courses after any refund period will not be eligible for a tuition refund. 

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