Licensing Programs

Initial License in Exceptional Needs - Mild Interventions (P-12)

Only EDUC K505 and K555 may be taken by students before passing the Praxis I exams.

Course Requirements (all courses are 3 credits):

  • EDUC K505 Introduction to Special Education 
  • EDUC K555 Reading Assessment and Instruction for Special Education
  • EDUC K501 Adaptive Computers for Special Education
  • EDUC K520 Introduction to Emotional Disabilities
  • EDUC K525 Introduction to Mild Disabilities
  • EDUC K535 Assessment and Remediation of Mild Disabilities I
  • EDUC K536 Assessment and Remediation of Mild Disabilities II
  • EDUC K543 Education of Students with Emotional Disturbances
  • EDUC M501 Field Experience in Special Education: Mild Disabilities
  • EDUC M501 Field Experience in Special Education: Emotional Disabilities
  • EDUC P519 Psychological Assessment of Exceptional Children
  • One approved elective

One of the following two 15-week practicum experiences:

  • EDUC K588 Student Teaching in Special Education— for students not on an emergency permit
  • EDUC K595 Practicum in Special Education—for students who are either on an emergency permit or are mild interventions teachers

Prerequisites to Student Teaching or the Practicum in Special Education are completion of all other courses required for this program with a C or better, a cumu­lative grade point average of 3.0 for these program courses, and passing scores on the Praxis II exams.

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