Performing Arts

Major in Theatre

The Department of Performing Arts (THTR) recognizes a symbiotic relationship between theatre production experience and classroom study. Requirements for the Major in Theatre are therefore distributed between practicum, production laboratory, and academic courses in the performing arts.

Requirements (39 cr.)

  • Theatre CORE courses (12 cr.) 
    • THTR-T 120 Acting I (3 cr.)
    • THTR-T 228 Design for the Theatre (3 cr.)
    • THTR-T 340 Directing I (3 cr.) prerequisite THTR-T 120 and THTR-T 228 or consent of instructor
    • THTR-T 490 Independent Study in Theatre and Drama (3 cr.) - must be a minimum 3 credit hour capstone project
  • 6 credit hours in each of the following 3 areas (18 cr.):
    • Production Experience (6 cr.)
      • THTR-T 168 Practicum (1-3 cr. per semester, sophomore standing or consent of instructor)*
    • Laboratory Experience (6 cr.)
      • Select two from the following:
        • THTR-T 225 Stagecraft I (3 cr.)
        • THTR-T 230 Costuming I (3 cr.)
        • THTR-T 335 Stage Lighting (3 cr.)
    • History, Literature, Theory (6 cr.)
        • THTR-T 470 Theatre and Society I (3 cr.)
        • THTR-T 471 Theatre and Society II (3 cr.)
        • Or another theatre history course approved by the department
    • THTR elective credit hours (9 cr.)
    • 300 level or above in major (15 cr.)

    Students are advised to determine an AREA OF CONCENTRATION in consultation with a principal teacher in their chosen area (acting, directing, design, stage management, technical production, dramaturgy, etc.)

    *Practicum credit is given for approximately 40 hours assigned work on any Theatre Northwest production. Assignments are finalized in the first week of the semester. Students are encouraged to apply for significant creative and crew positions prior to semester of production.

Academic Bulletins

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