Minority Studies

Afro-American Studies

Interdepartmental Major in Afro-American Studies and English

The Departments of Minority Studies and English offer a thematically integrated major in Afro-American Studies and English. This interdepartmental major is designed for students who wish to combine substantial Afro-American Studies with their work in the American and English literature major. Afro-American Studies is importantly multidisciplinary, requiring students to be familiar with the connected history and theories of the Afro-American experience across disciplines, including an Africana perspective. The interdepartmental major in Afro-American Studies and English provides students with this background as well as with an understanding of Afro-American literature, seen in the context of American and English literature. With this course of study, students will be able to integrate and synthesize knowledge and understanding of the total Afro-American experience as it coexists with English language and literature studies.


The chairpersons of the Departments of Minority Studies and English must jointly advise the interdepartmental major. A combined minimum of 45 credit hours is required.

  • Afro-American Studies - 300 level or above (18 cr.)
    • AFRO-A 355 (3 cr.)
    • AFRO-A 356 (3 cr.)
    • AFRO-A 493 (multidisciplinary capstone course) (3 cr.)
    • Select from the following (9 cr.)
      • AFRO-A 370 (3 cr.)
      • ENG-L 370 (3 cr.)
      • AFRO-A 379 (3 cr.)
      • AFRO-A 380 (3 cr.)
      • AFRO-A 392 (3 cr.)
  • English (27 cr.)
    • ENG-L 202 (3 cr.)
    • ENG-L 212 (3 cr.)
    • ENG-L 315 (3 cr.)
    • Select one of the following
      • ENG-L 351 (3 cr.)
      • ENG-L 352 (3 cr.)
      • ENG-L 355 (3 cr.)
    • Select one of the following
      • ENG-L 354 (3 cr.)
      • ENG-L 357 (3 cr.)
      • ENG-L 358 (3 cr.)
    • ENG-L 440 (3 cr.)

Total (45 cr.)

A 2.0 cumulative grade point average is required in the courses taken in the interdepartmental major. Only courses with a grade of C- or higher will be counted in the major.

Academic Bulletins

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