Minority Studies

Afro-American Studies

Interdepartmental Major in Afro-American Studies and Communication

The Departments of Communication and Minority Studies offer an interdepartmental major in Afro-American studies and communication that reflects an interdisciplinary and substantive field of study. An interdepartmental major in communication and Afro-American studies focuses the specialization of the study of the human communication process within the Afro-American experience. This focus enhances the application of principles, methods, and findings of communication studies in light of the history, culture, and theories of the Afro-American experience, including an Africana perspective. Students will integrate their communication studies emphasis (public and rhetorical communication, relational communication, media studies, or communication and culture) into the Afro-American studies major to create a systematic and coherent field of study.


The chairpersons of the Departments of Minority Studies and Communication must jointly advise the interdepartmental major. Students must complete a total of 45 credit hours in the interdepartmental major.

Students must complete

  • Afro-American studies (18 cr.)
    • Select one of the following
      • AFRO-A 150 (3 cr.)
      • AFRO-A 151 (3 cr.)
    • Select one of the following
      • AFRO-A 355 (3 cr.)
      • AFRO-A 379 (3 cr.)
    • Select one of the following
      • AFRO-A 356 (3 cr.)
      • AFRO-A 370 (3 cr.)
      • AFRO-A 380 (3 cr.)
  • Afro-American studies electives (9 cr.)
    • 300 or 400 level
  • Communication (speech, communication, journalism, telecommunications) (27 cr.)
    • SPCH-S 121 (3 cr.)
    • SPCH-S 122 (3 cr.)
    • 300 or 400 level (12 cr.)
    • SPCH-S 400 (3 cr.) and / or AFRO-A 493 (3 cr.)
    • Courses cross-listed in both departments may be taken in either department, but students may not receive credit in both departments for the same course.
    • Students may not receive credit toward the major for both SPCH-S 424 and AFRO-A 398

Total (45 cr.)

Academic Bulletins

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