History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religious Studies

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Religious Studies Courses
  • REL-R 160 Introduction to Religion in Culture (3 cr.) Traditional patterns of encounter with the sacred. Secularization of Western culture. Religious elements in contemporary American culture. (Fall, Spring, Summer I and II)
  • REL-R 170 Religion and Social Issues (3 cr.) Western religious convictions and their consequences for judgments about personal and social morality, including such issues as sexual morality, medical ethics, questions of socioeconomic organization, and moral judgments about warfare.
  • REL-R 300 Studies in Religion (3 cr.) Selected topics and movements in religion seen from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. May be repeated twice under different titles. (Occasionally)
  • REL-R 340 Contemporary Religious Thought (3 cr.) Interpretation of human destiny in contemporary religious and antireligious thought. (Occasionally)

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