Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree

Departmental Requirements

Minimum degree requirements: 34-36 credit hours of chemistry including CHEM-C 105 - CHEM-C 106, CHEM-C 125, CHEM-C 126, CHEM-C 301, CHEM-C 310, CHEM-C 341, CHEM-C 342, CHEM-C 434, CHEM-C 361, CHEM-C 363, CHEM-C 430, CHEM-C 209 (waived if proficiency exam is passed), and at least one from CHEM-C 344, CHEM-C 362, CHEM-C 410, CHEM-C 483, Also required: MATH-M 215 - MATH-M 216 and PHYS-P 221 - PHYS-P 222 (CHEM-C 301 and proficiency examinations are the capstone requirements.)

ACS-Certified Degree

46 credit hours in chemistry including CHEM C105-CHEM C106, CHEM C125­CHEM C126, CHEM C301, CHEM C310, CHEM C341­CHEM C344 inclusively, CHEM C361-CHEM C363 inclusively, CHEM C409 (2 cr.), CHEM C410, CHEM C430, CHEM 0209 (waived if proficiency examination is passed) and any two of the following (one must be a chemistry course): CHEM C431, CHEM C441, CHEM C483; PHYS P301; or an advanced mathematics or physics course. Also required: MATH M215-MATH M216, MATH M311; PHYS P221-PHYS P222; and CSCI C201. German is strongly suggested as the foreign language. See the Arts and Sciences section of this bulletin for non-science requirements. Students must also complete the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Academic Bulletins

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