Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy

Courses in Astronomy

  • AST-A 100 The Solar System (3 cr.) Celestial sphere and constellations, measurement of time, astronomical instruments, earth as a planet, moon, eclipses, planets and their satellites, comets, meteors, theories of origin of solar system. (Fall)
  • AST-A 105 Stellar Astronomy (3 cr.) The sun as a star, physical properties of stars, principles of spectroscopy as applied to astronomy, double stars, variable stars, star clusters, gaseous nebulae, stellar motions and distributions, Milky Way system, external galaxies, expanding universe, cosmic time scale. (Spring)
  • AST-A 200 Introduction to Cosmology (3 cr.) P: A college-level introductory course in astronomy, chemistry, or physics An introduction to the ultimate structure and evolution of the universe. Topics include history of cosmology, nature of galaxies, space-time and relativity, models of the universe, black holes, quasars, and sources of gravitational radiation. (Occasionally)

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