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Health Information Management

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Affiliated with all Lake County hospitals and several others.

The health information technician is a professional skilled in the clinical data analysis, and reporting of health care data and provision of clinical data support to health care information systems operation.

The graduate health information technician generally works in the health information department of a hospital, ambulatory care facility, or other type of health care facility. Some of the functions are supervising within the health information department; compliance and risk management functions, coordinating flow of health information to all departments of the hospital; compiling statistics; analyzing health record data for electronic completeness and accuracy; coding and classifying diagnoses and procedures that impact facility reimbursement; assigning diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) or ambulatory payment classifications (APCs); operating a cancer registry; functioning as a privacy officer for the facility; preparing special studies and tabulating data for research; and performing quality, management and utilization management activities, and other performance improvement activities, and as an electronic health record coordinator assisting with implementations and workflow operations.

Graduates are eligible to apply to write the American Health Information Management Association National Certification exam. Upon passing this exam, they may use the initials RHIT, Registered Health Information Technician.

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