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Dental Education

Dental Hygiene Curriculum

The dental hygienist is a licensed member of the dental health team and is concerned with the prevention of diseases of the mouth. The dental hygienist completes a professional college program that entitles the graduate, upon successful passage of national and regional board examinations, to perform specific preventive treatments for children and adults; to take and process dental X rays; to assume duties in the dental office; and/or to participate as a dental health worker in federal, state, or local public health and educational programs.

IU Northwest offers a program that leads to an Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene degree, and other disciplines offer programs that lead to a Bachelor of Science degree. While the associate degree is adequate to prepare the dental hygienist to perform the tasks that may be assigned in the private dental office, additional knowledge and skills may be necessary for positions involving the responsibilities of public health, education, or administration. Because of increasing interest among dental hygienists in those opportunities, baccalaureate degree programs are offered at several campuses. Students interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree should consult the program advisor at IU Northwest.

Predental Hygiene Curriculum

  • ENG W131 English Composition (3 cr.)
  • SOC 5161 Principles of Sociology (3 cr.)
  • CHEM C101 Elementary Chemistry I (Lecture) (3 cr.)
  • CHEM C121 Elementary Chemistry I (Lab) (2 cr.)
  • Select one of the following (3 cr.)
    • SPCH S121 Public Speaking
    • SPCH S122 Interpersonal Communication
  • Select one of the following (3 cr.)
    • CSCI A106 Introduction to Computing
    • CSCI C106 Introduction to Computers and Their Use
    • EDUC W200 Microcomputing for Education: An Introduction
  • Arts and Humanities Elective (3 cr.)
  • PHSL P261 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4 cr.)
  • PHSL P262 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4 cr.)
  • PSY P101 Introductory Psychology I (3 cr.)
  • BIOL M200 Microorganisms in Nature/Disease (4 cr.)

Total (35 cr.)

Dental Hygiene Curriculum

All students must receive a minimum grade of C or better in each course to be eligible for graduation.

First Year

Fall Semester 
  • DHYG H214 Oral Anatomy (3 cr.)
  • DHYG H303 Dental Radiology (2 cr.)
  • DHYG H218 Fundamentals of Dental Hygiene (4 cr.)
  • DHYG H205 Medical and Dental Emergencies (1 cr.)
  • DHYG H217 Preventive Dentistry (2 cr.)
  • DHYG H211 Head and Neck Anatomy (2 cr.)

Total (14 cr.)

Spring Semester
  • DHYG H224 Oral Histology and Embryology (1 cr.)
  • DHYG H308 Dental Materials (2 cr.)
  • DHYG H219 Clinical Practice I (4 cr.)
  • CHEM C102 Elementary Chemistry II (3 cr.)
  • DHYG H305 Radiology Clinic I (1 cr.)
  • DHYG H242 Introduction to Dentistry (1 cr.)

Total (12 cr.)

Summer I
  • NURS B215 Nutrition for Health Professionals (3 cr.)
  • DHYG H204 Periodontics (1 cr.)
  • DHYG H215 Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2 cr.)
  • DHYG H220 Summer Radiology Clinic (1 cr.)
  • DHYG H221 Summer Clinic (3 cr.)

Total (10 cr.)

Second Year

Fall Semester
  • DHYG H250 Local Anesthesia and Pain Control (2 cr.)
  • DHYG H304 Oral Pathology (2 cr.)
  • DHYG H311 Dental Health Education (2 cr.)
  • DHYG H301 Clinical Practice II (5 cr.)
  • DHYG H321 Periodontics (2 cr.)
  • DHYG H306 Radiology Clinic II (1 cr.)

Total (14 cr.)

Spring Semester
  • DHYG H320 Ethics, Jurisprudence, and Practice Management (2 cr.)
  • DHYG H307 Radiology Clinic III (1 cr.)
  • DHYG H302 Clinical Practice III (5 cr.)
  • DHYG H344 Senior Hygiene Seminar (1 cr.)
  • DHYG H347 Community Dental Hygiene (3 cr.)

Total (13 cr.)

Academic Bulletins

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