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Dental Hygiene Admission Procedures


The dental hygiene program requires 35 credit hours of prescribed liberal arts courses. The 35 credit hours may be taken at any accredited college or university. Required courses should not be taken under the Pass/Fail option; the admissions committee must approve any exceptions. The student must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale to be eligible for consideration. Courses taken at institutions other than Indiana University must show a grade of C or better to be accepted as transfer credit by Indiana University. All applicants must receive a minimum grade of C in each prerequisite course to be eligible for the program. Required courses include one semester of English composition, one semester of chemistry with a laboratory, one semester of psychology, one semester of sociology, one semester of public speaking, one semester of computer education, one semester of microbiology, two semesters of anatomy and physiology each with a laboratory, and one semester in arts and humanities (such as literature, history, philosophy, foreign language, music, art appreciation, or religion). Total credit hours are 35. All required courses must be completed for eligibility in the dental hygiene program.

Applications may be obtained on line at, in the Dental Education Department, Dunes Medical/Professional Building, Room 1180 or by calling (219) 980-6770. The application must be returned by February 1 to be considered for acceptance in the fall semester of that year. A separate application must be submitted to each campus the student is interested in attending.

  • Applicants must first make application to IU Northwest if not previously admitted by an Indiana University campus. (Courses cannot be transferred without making application to IU Northwest.)
  • Applicants must complete and return the Dental Hygiene Application to the Department of Dental Education no later than February 1 for entry into the class beginning in the fall semester of that year.
  • Items that must be submitted to the Dental Hygiene Program Admission Committee by February 1 include:
  • Official high school transcript
  • Official college and university transcripts (This includes transcripts to be sent for course work completed by February 1)
  • Dental Hygiene Application
  • Proof of IU Northwest acceptance (if not currently attending an Indiana University campus)

In February, upon receipt of the dental hygiene application and other supporting materials, applicants are required to attend the Dental Hygiene Applicant Open House. The applicant will be notified of the Open House by mail during February.

Class size for the dental hygiene program is limited and each year there are more qualified applicants than can be accepted. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to consult with a program advisor for predental hygiene advising. The Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee reviews all applicants without discrimination or favor because of sex, age, race, religion, or national origin.

Selection of dental hygiene students is based upon, but is not limited to, satisfying prerequisites, number of college credit hours satisfactorily completed, overall college grade point average, prerequisite GPA, high school rank, applicant Open House attendance, and an individual appraisal of the applicant's established record and potential for development.

Seven-Year Limit

All credit to be applied to a dental education degree earned through Indiana University's Division of Extended Studies, correspondence study, or other nontraditional methods must be validated and approved by the director of the program to which the student is applying. Dental Education retains the right to determine the acceptability of transfer credit to meet degree requirements.

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