Financial Aid & Scholarships

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To be eligible to continue to receive any Federal, State of Indiana, or IU Northwest financial aid, a student must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward an approved certificate or degree. The financial aid SAP standards may differ from requirements set forth by IU Northwest academic schools and departments. The measure of SAP must include all college course work attempted at IU Northwest and elsewhere. SAP is applied to all attempted courses that appear on the student academic transcript, whether or not financial aid was received for all attempted courses. SAP is monitored once a year, at the end of the spring semester. Students are expected to understand the SAP policy and comply with it.

To demonstrate SAP, students are expected to earn credit for at least 75 percent of the credits they attempt. Students are therefore not eligible to receive any further financial aid once they have attempted 150 percent of the credits that are needed to complete their particular academic program. Students must also maintain a 2.00 cumulative grade point average.

Students who fail to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy will be placed on probation status for one year. Students who have not completed their degree or certificate within the prescribed time limit will be suspended from receiving financial aid without a one year probationary period.

Students who do not comply with the SAP requirements will be sent a letter informing them of their ineligibility for further financial aid and outlining what they need to do, at their own expense, to comply with the requirements. Information will also be provided then, describing the appeal process.

Academic Bulletins

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