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Canadian Studies (CDNS)

Canadian Studies (CDNS), Comparative Literature (CMLT), French (FREN), Linguistics (LING), and Spanish (SPAN) courses are listed in separate sections.

CDNS C101 Introduction to Canadian Studies (3 cr.) This interdisciplinary course introduces the student to some of the problems explored by the humanities and social sciences in the study of Canada. Themes will vary from year to year and could cover topics such as Canadian-American relations, Quebec's special status, regionalism, trade, and the environment. (Fall)

CDNS C301 Canadian Diversity (3 cr.) P: CDNS C101. Study of diversity in contemporary Quebec and English Canada through a variety of interdisciplinary readings drawn from literature, culture studies, politics, and social history. Course may focus on the multicultural experience in Canada, on particular ethnic or racial groups, or on other dimensions of diversity as evidenced by cultural, linguistic, religious, or sexual minorities. (Spring)

CDNS C350 Introduction to French Canadian Literature and Civilization (3 cr.) The civilization of French Canada from New France to the present. Tendencies in the novel from the late-nineteenth century to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Selections from poetry anthologies, with special emphasis on Nelligan, Grandbois, and the contemporary scene. Selected plays from Gelinas to Desrosiers. (Occasionally)

CDNS C400 Comparative Canadian Literature (3 cr.) Survey of French and English Canadian fiction, from a comparative perspective. Representative works from early-twentieth-century novelists to the contemporary period. (Occasionally)

CDNS C495 Advanced Topics in Canadian Studies (3 cr.) P: junior standing or consent of the instructor. Seminar or small group discussion of topics in Canadian studies; independent study or research in selected problems in Canadian studies. (Occasionally)

CDNS H230 History of Canada (3 cr.) Canada as a French colony, as a British colony, and as a nation evolving through dominion status as an independent entity (with ties to both Anglophone and Francophone nations) and seeking a viable existence with the United States despite the vast difference in population size. (Occasionally)

CDNS T315 North American Landscape (3 cr.) P: course in physical or general geology. Gives the student an elementary understanding of various geologic controls and processes that have produced the topographic features. Regional concept stressed rather than individual landforms. The continent is divided into geomorphic regions based on similar geologic controls and geomorphic histories.(Occasionally)

CDNS Y217 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 cr.) Studies foreign political systems of Western and non-Western countries. Includes comparative political analysis, organized by topics, emphasizing nongovernmental as well as governmental power. Discussion will include economics systems, social classes, national groupings, constitutions, bureaucracies, political parties, armies, elements of political culture, and types of political change. (Occasionally)