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Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER)

HPER H511 Advanced Emergency Care (3 cr.) Skills required to render advanced first aid and emergency care in various accident and disaster situations. Procedures for personal and family survival in natural or human disasters. Interested students may qualify for instructor certification. (Summer II)

HPER H518 Alcohol and Drug Education (3 cr.) Alcohol and drug abuse in American society are probed in a comprehensive yet practical manner. Physiological, psychological, sociological, theological, and legal dimensions of the issue are explored through lectures, group discussions, guest speakers, and audiovisual presentation. Discusses principles of teaching and counseling in drug education programs. (Summer I)

HPER H617 Seminar in Health Education (credit arranged) Contemporary topics in the area of health education are studied under the direction of faculty members with specialized areas of expertise. Specific topics vary and may be repeated for credit. IUN offers the following topics: alcohol education and drug use, first aid, medical self-help, disaster preparedness, and health science experiments. (Summer I)

HPER P610 Physical Education in the Elementary School (3 cr.) Course focuses on a developmental approach to the physical education of children. Emphasis is placed on the impact of development experiences, curriculum development, teacher behavior, class management, play environment, and a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. Students participate in classroom instruction; group projects; and contemporary game, rhythm, and self-testing activities. (Summer II)