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SEPTEMBER 2021 Events - College Go! Week

Monday |September 20 | 3pm {Virtual}

Your Career Path

Identify where your interests and talents meet, leading toward a fulfilling future.  Explore

Tuesday | September 21 | 3pm {Virtual}

College Bound

How do you choose the right college fit? Join and find out. 


Wednesday | September 22 | 9am {In-person}

Operation R.E.D. RedHawk Experience Day

Be a student for a day!   Save Your Spot

Thursday | September 23 | 6pm {Virtual}

Dollars & Cents - Parent's Edition

Let's talk scholarships, grants, and other funds available to your child. RSVP

Friday | September 24 | 9am {In-person}

RedHawk Rush

Drop in all day - Apply , take a  tour, or talk to an Admissions Counselor!  Want an IU Northwest tee? Bring a high school tee to swap!

Tuesday | September 28 | 6pm {Virtual}

Transfer Tuesday Scholarship Edition

Let’s talk transfer and scholarships!  Register Now


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