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Indiana University Northwest

Office of Student Life & Athletics

Sociology Club

The Sociology Club Wants You!

Sociology Club Officers:
President: Ruth Johansen
Vice President: Julie Campbell
Treasurer: Jennifer Puentes
Secretaries: Kara Gora & Nicole Walters

What is the Sociology Club and what does it do?

- Sociology students and friends (we like to mingle with anthropologists)
- Bring in Guest Speakers
- View films and have discussions
- Support social activist projects
- Sponsor fundraisers for worthy causes
- Throw parties!
- Get to know other sociology / anthropology students and faculty
- Become more comfortable with “talking sociology”
- Share food and drink together in a relaxed setting
- Create a community of budding sociologists
- Maybe even drum!

How often does it meet?
Twice a month, when we are busy planning events.

Where will it meet?
Lindenwood Hall 120 Tuesdays at 9:15am-10:00am

Who can participate? You can!

Club Purpose

The purpose of the Sociology Club is to encourage informal interaction among faculty and students, provide opportunities for students interested in sociology to meet one another, and provide a forum for relevant activities.

Members decide what they are interested in and field trips and informal lectures are organized. Membership is open to all IU Northwest students who have social concerns and seek a broad understanding of contemporary domestic and global events. Members do not have to be sociology majors. All members receive a copy of Social Facts, the club newsletter.