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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Student-Centered Principles

We the students, faculty, staff and alumni of IU Northwest define a student-centered campus as one that considers all aspects of service delivery, academic support, and learning environment to meet the needs of students. All units must use the student-centered principles in guiding them when making decisions. Decisions are not always made to satisfy each student but are made within the guidelines of these principles. “As a student-centered campus, we commit ourselves to academic excellence characterized by a love of ideas and achievement in learning, discovery, creativity, and engagement.” Becoming student centered involves the way we interact with students. We commit ourselves to these student-centered principles:

  1. Students are informed how often, and when within the ensuing two years, classes are likely to be offered.
  1. IU Northwest coordinates advising and scheduling so that full-time students can complete baccalaureate programs in a timely manner. Full-time students without deficiencies shall be able to complete baccalaureate programs within four years.
  1. IU Northwest offers lower division courses at times convenient for both day and evening full-time and part-time students. Upper division courses shall be offered at a time convenient for both day and evening full-time and part-time students whenever practical.
  1. Students, faculty, administrators, and staff are guided by and exhibit ethical behavior and treat each other with respect, promoting a sense of pride, enjoyment, and dignity.
  1. To the extent possible constituencies of the IU Northwest community are informed in a timely manner when decisions are made that significantly affect them.
  1. Faculty, advisors, counselors and front line staff are knowledgeable, available, competent, and show personal concern for students.
  1. IU Northwest is committed to student safety, privacy, easy accessibility, well-being, maximum student achievement, and student success through both academic and administrative support services.
  1. A wide variety of opportunities for involvement in campus life and enrichment activities is valued, available, widely communicated and easily accessible for all students.