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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

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Spring 2007 Strategic Planning Update

Dear Campus Community:

Indiana University Northwest recently held its Spring Strategic Planning Team Retreat. Through strategic planning, the University is able to look toward the future, identifying needs and determining how best to meet those needs by establishing goals with specific outcomes. IU Northwest Strategic Planning Team has mapped a course of action through the year 2010. The Team is guided by tradition, opportunities that will allow the university to build upon academic excellence, research and scholarship while enhancing our commitment to service.
The Strategic Planning Team has focused on core elements, while creating an environment that is enriched by its strong diversity. As we build upon our future, developing programs that will continue to define Indiana University Northwest, enhancing the learning environment in order to better serve our student body, and promoting the professional development of our staff, the campus community is encouraged to engage in dialogue on the strategic planning process.
To allow for campus input, the University will initiate a 2-way communications plan to get your opinion and for you to share your thoughts on the future of our University. This will be in the form of both electronic and stationary Suggestion Boxes. Those submitting information will have the option of including their name or remaining anonymous. Highly visible Suggestion Boxes will soon be placed in buildings throughout the University. An online Suggestion Box is available for your use.
Staying focused on critical thinking and ethical decision making while applying effective communication, the Strategic Planning Team began this session with a review and shared understanding of the status for the 2007 Outcomes. The attached website will allow you to review the updated information. (SPT Outcome Status Report).

Other items discussed included:


Dates have been requested, by the IU Northwest representatives, for the Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP) Surveyors to visit our campus. The AQIP team’s primary responsibility is to aid in the assessment and improvement of University processes and outcomes.  AQIP offers a system by which the University can measure the effectiveness of current processes used by IU Northwest. Continuous work is being done on working group responses. You may visit the IU Northwest AQIP website for the latest information and updates.


Members of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (S.W.O.T.) team reviewed trends in higher education (to include employment information) and provided updates on research analysis associated with new technologies and increasing global competition.

Based on some of the information received, IU Northwest will remain focused on three areas of excellence:

  • Health and Human Services
  • Business
  • Arts and Culture

Statistics show employer demand, in Northwest Indiana, is highest in the healthcare industry with strong opportunities for growth in the Social Work and Human Services fields. Identifying strengths and challenges, based on the S.W.O.T. report, the Strategic Planning Team is identifying and developing creative strategies to meet student and employer needs. For instance, unique among the IU campuses, IU Northwest, with its close proximity to Chicago arts community, is the only public institution in Northwest Indiana with a Fine Arts/Theatre major. There has also been a national increase in associate, undergraduate and graduate degrees in the Business field (business, computer sales, etc.) and to answer the needs of the IU Northwest student body, the School of Business will launch a weekend MBA program.

IU Northwest will remain proactive, flexible and a competitive institution, committed to continuous improvement. We will build upon what we are currently doing, move ahead to become a continuing improvement organization and will promote excellence in every aspect of our institution.

Toni Lieteau
Associate Vice Chancellor
University Relations