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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee


June 19, 2006

Dear Campus Community,

The Strategic Planning Team (SPT) held their spring retreat in South Bend, May 30 through June 1, 2006.  We met at the Inn at St. Mary’s located adjacent to the grounds of St. Mary’s College and down the street from the University of Notre Dame. The members of the Strategic Planning Team who attended are listed at the bottom of this memo.

Here are the highlights of our work:

  1. Reviewed reports on all 8 outcomes.
  2. Reviewed the Facilities Planning Report submitted by the campus Facilities Planning Committee.
  3. Reviewed the IT Strategic Plan completed by the campus Technology Council.
  4. Discussed at length the work that needs to be done in preparation for the campus accreditation (AQIP) visit in the spring of 2007.
  5. Created the Preamble and Principles to guide the development of a campus Human Capital Plan.
  6. Reviewed the campus undergraduate admissions standards approved by the faculty.
  7. Discussed the need to increase communications to the campus concerning strategic planning initiatives.

2006 Outcomes
On the first day of the retreat we reviewed progress to date on the 2006 Outcomes.  All outcome chairs reported that work was progressing on schedule.  The SPT urges you all to review these reports. The team would also like to point out the following additions and changes to the outcomes,

Outcome #1 has been revised slightly, with the word individual being added, so that it reads:  “Relevant staff, faculty and administrators have aligned current standards for individual recognition, reward and evaluation with the Academic Excellence Standards adopted by the campus in 2005 and have revised recognition, reward and evaluation documents to reflect that alignment."

Outcome #4 has been revised to read as follows: “IU Northwest has increased its efforts to recruit, hire, and retain a more ethically and racially diverse faculty, staff, and administrative workforce; in order to be more reflective of our campus community, the primary focus for these recruitment, hiring, and retention efforts in 2006 will be African American and Hispanic / Latinos.”

Outcome #5 which initially had no deliverable in 2006, now has the following deliverable: “IU Northwest demonstrates fiscal responsibility and flexibility to sustain excellence in its programs and services, and to respond to new opportunities for funding of programs that support the Vision, by reviewing its organizational structure and proposing a plan for revision of that structure.”
This outcome was added as a result of President Herbert’s directive to the campus to “operationalize a strong health and human services initiative” and “to work toward a comprehensive reorganization”. See the campus email on the Reorganization Retreat dated May 22, 2006. That reorganization group is planning five meetings between now and early August.

Facilities Planning Report
Vice Chancellor Marilyn Vasquez distributed the Facilities Planning Report to the team and summarized the new process.  Marilyn explained that the Facilities Planning Team finished their first year using the new process to evaluate requests for facilities.  She told us that the process is significantly different than it once was.  Facilities requests will be collected and reviewed yearly, rather than one by one as they come to the committee. This allows the committee to evaluate all requests together and ensures that  decisions are made in a more strategic manner.

Draft IT Strategic Plan
Vice Chancellor Marilyn Vasquez reviewed the new Draft IT Strategic Plan and it was approved by the Strategic Planning Team. The plan is based on the Principles and Guidelines formulated by the Strategic Planning team last year as well as the High Priority Action Items identified by the SPT. The IT Strategic Plan is very aggressive and we encourage all of you to browse through it. Here are a few examples of some of the proposed action items they have in the plan:   

  • Develop and implement a plan to provide wireless network access to all classrooms and the Library/Conference Center. (2006-2009)
  • Develop a plan that provides services and support to assist faculty and staff in the adoption and use of Oncourse CL, the IU course management tool. (2006-2009)

AQIP and Our Campus Accreditation
As most of you are aware the campus has elected to move to AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program), a new accreditation process used to maintain accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission of NCA.  Interim Associate Vice Chancellor Robin Hass Birky and Professor Linda Delunas gave us a detailed summary of the AQIP Systems Appraisal Feedback Report which we received from the Higher Learning Commission of NCA. This is the report the campus received in response to the Systems Portfolio report which was submitted in the fall.

The report highlighted our areas of “opportunities” and “outstanding opportunities” or to say it another way, the areas that need some improvement. There is much work that needs to be done prior to our onsite Quality Check Up that will occur in the spring semester of 2007.  The Quality Check Up is a visit by a team from the Higher Learning Commission of NCA. The team will come to campus to verify what is in our Systems Portfolio and to review our progress.  Using language that most of us are familiar with, this Quality Check Up is our very critical accreditation site visit.

Robin and Linda will be working on plans for our campus to prepare for the accreditation visit.  There will be opportunities for many of us to participate in these preparations.  Robin and Linda plan to hold a strategy forum in the fall. As of now a firm date has not yet been selected for the accreditation visit. To get an update on the details of AQIP please visit our AQIP website and read the Summary of the AQIP response to our Systems Portfolio written by Robin and Linda.       

Human Capital Plan
Mary Ellen McCann, a University Consultant from IU Human Resource Services, introduced us to the concept of a Human Capital Plan. Human Capital refers to our employees and their skills, talent, and knowledge.  Mary Ellen explained the purpose of a Human Capital Plan is to provide “a proactive and purposeful approach to addressing the strategic management of an organization’s human capital over the next five to ten years.” 

The SPT tackled the assignment of creating a Preamble and a set of Principles that will be used to guide the process of creating a campus Human Capital Plan. Chancellor Bergland and Vice Chancellor Vasquez reported that the Chancellor’s Cabinet will hold further discussions to determine who will create the Human Capital Plan.

Undergraduate Admission Policy
Interim Vice Chancellor Anna Rominger gave us an update on the status of our campus undergraduate admissions policies.  The new policies were passed by the IU Northwest Faculty Organization this past spring and were approved by the IU Trustees on June 8, 2006. These policies will go into effect for applicants admitted for the fall of 2007 with noted increased academic requirements to be implemented for high school students graduating in 2011. These increased academic preparation requirements correspond to the changes being made to the state high school graduation requirements.


At the conclusion of the retreat the Strategic Planning Team reviewed those items and tasks we need to include in our fall 2006 retreat.  The work during the fall retreat will include preparations and planning for the AQIP accreditation visit, reviewing the work completed on the 2006 outcomes, establishing 2007 Strategic Planning Outcomes, assessing where our campus is relative to our 2010 outcomes, and beginning work on the 2020 outcomes. The fall retreat is scheduled to be held November 13 through November 15, 2006.

We also spoke of the need to increase communications and awareness of the strategic planning process, the outcomes and our vision.  We plan to hold several brown bag lunches, improve the Vision and Strategic Planning website and increase coverage of Strategic Planning in the NW News.  We expect to begin implementing these activities over the summer.

The following team members attended the spring retreat:  Kwesi Aggrey, Bruce Bergland, Ken Coopwood, Linda Delunas, Audrea Davis, Scott Fulk, Robin Hass Birky, Dave Klamen, Patti Lundberg, Sureka Rao, Anna Rominger, Margaret Skurka, Linda Templeton, Denise Travis, Marilyn Vasquez, and Stan Wigle.  Mary Ellen McCann facilitated and Kathy Malone provided support.

In closing, I ask that you contact any of the team members above if you have questions or would like to participate in some way with the Strategic Planning process.

Submitted on behalf of the Strategic Planning Team,

Kathryn Lantz
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor
University Advancement