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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee


E-mail message to IU Northwest Community regarding February 15, 2006 Meeting 

March 3, 2006

Dear Campus Community,

The Strategic Planning Team (SPT) held a half-day meeting on campus, February 15, 2006. We heard a summary of the work done on the 2005 outcomes and reviewed the 2006 outcomes along with the draft deliverables which have been recommended by the Chancellor’s Cabinet. In addition Robin Hass Birky and Linda Delunas made a presentation on AQIP.

Team members who were present at the meeting were: Bruce Bergland, Ken Coopwood, Audrea Davis, Linda Delunas, Scott Fulk, Robin Hass Birky, Dee Dee Ige, David Klamen, Kathryn Lantz, Patricia Lundberg, Surekha Rao, Anna Rominger, Margaret Skurka, Linda Templeton, Denise Travis, Marilyn Vasquez and Stanley Wigle. Also present were Kathy Malone providing support and Mary Ellen McCann, University Consultant from IU Human Resource Services who was connected by phone. Mary Ellen will be working as the facilitator for the Strategic Planning Team meetings.

Introduction by the Chancellor

Chancellor Bergland commented on the good work done by the campus in 2005 and in the years since we have started the strategic planning process. He said that he is exploring the opportunity to publish several manuscripts on our process as well as opportunities to make some academic presentations. He thinks we are at a stage where we can and should share our experiences and the knowledge we have gained through our strategic planning process.

2005 Outcomes

Chancellor Bergland presented a summation of the work on the 2005 outcomes. Each outcome chair was then asked to make any final comments. We heard that all outcomes were successful. We also discussed outcome four which in hindsight people agreed had been assigned too many deliverables in 2005. Most of those deliverables were completed with excellent results, however, the Chancellor’s Cabinet has decided that in order to move forward most effectively the deliverable that was not able to be completed will become part of the work in the development of the Human Capital Plan. For details on this we ask that you read the final report for outcome four.

2006 Outcomes

The team was then presented with the 2006 outcomes we drafted at our fall retreat along with the recommended deliverables, which were added by the Chancellor’s cabinet. The cabinet also recommended that 3 outcome statements be revised so that they more clearly communicate the outcome.

The outcomes with their deliverables will be assigned to the Vice Chancellor whose operating unit(s) would be the most natural to implement them. The only outcomes that will have outcome chairs this year are those that are being adopted as AQIP projects. Those are outcomes 2, 4, and 7.

The team went through each outcome and the deliverables and made minor changes. The strategic planning team strongly encourages everyone to view these outcomes and the deliverables on our website.


Robin Hass Birky and Linda Delunas made a presentation on AQIP. AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) is the process the campus chose to maintain our accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission of NCA. AQIP is a continuous performance improvement process.

They highlighted the following timeline:
  • November 2005: IU Northwest’s Systems Portfolio was submitted to the Higher Learning Commission.
  • March - April 2006: We will receive feedback from the Commission on our Systems Portfolio.
  • April 1: We will submit new action projects for AQIP
  • Spring 2007: Quality Check Up. The Higher Learning Commission of NCA will conduct an onsite visit and review.

AQIP is an ongoing process, as Robin said, it never stops. So while the above timeline applies to the current accreditation cycle, we constantly have 3-4 AQIP action projects going at all times. We are required to submit reports on these action projects twice a year. Action projects can span one to three years in length. Our current action projects will likely be retired in April when they will be replaced with three new ones. These three new action projects are very closely aligned with our Strategic Planning Outcomes 2, 4, and 7.

Outcome 2: Chair, Robin Hass Birky
Operating under the current Faculty Organization General Education/Assessment Committee.
The campus has implemented the first phase of the updated General Education goals and objectives, as approved by the faculty, that ensure IU Northwest students are prepared for lifelong learning, ethical practices, developing successful careers, and effective citizenship.

Outcome 4: Chair, Denise Travis(this outcome has not yet been finalized)
Support: Chuck Gallmeier, Ray Fontaine, Patti Lundberg, Patty Woosley, Kathryn Lantz, Stan Wigle, Bruce Bergland, Cathy Tallos, Surekha Rao, Marilyn Vasquez, Scott Fulk, Ken Coopwood, Anna Rominger.
Employment practices, professional development and mentoring processes have enabled us to recruit and retain a more ethnically and racially diverse body of faculty, staff and administrators, to enhance academic excellence.

NOTE: After extensive deliberation, the SPT chose to focus on racial and ethnic aspects of diversity for 2006. This focus is related to a critical need and opportunity based on our location and the regional racial climate. Consistent with the IU Northwest Diversity Statement we will be moving forward to consider additional aspects of diversity in future years. Please refer to the campus definition of diversity, which was an outcome in 2004.

Outcome 7: Chair, Linda Templeton
Support: Jon Becker and Audrea Davis
Chancellor, vice chancellors, deans, directors and department chairs make decisions consistent with the relevant student-centered principles as evidenced by unit and individual measures of performance relative to their service philosophies.

Robin and Linda are in the process of creating an AQIP website for the campus. They plan to place the IU Northwest Systems Portfolio and Action Projects on this site so that all of us can keep up-to-date on our progress.

New Name and Structure for our Centers
We were presented with a report from Dr. Patricia Lundberg about the Center for Sustainable Regional Vitality (CSRV) and the Center for Cultural Discovery and Learning (CCDL).

Patti reported that the Center Boards had studied their structure during the fall, and, at a cabinet meeting in January 2006, it was agreed to merge CCDL and CSRV into a single center on the recommendation of both Centers’ Boards. Patti then asked the Strategic Planning Team to vote on a new name for the single center from a list of possible names. The team unanimously approved The Center for Regional Excellence to be the new name for the newly restructured center.

Celebration Dinner

After the conclusion of the meeting Strategic Planning Team meeting the Chancellor held a celebration dinner for all staff and faculty members who participated in the work of the 2005 outcomes. Those recognized included outgoing chairs, members who have completed their term on the team, members of outcome committees and all those that helped in the work done throughout the year. It was a fun evening and we all especially enjoyed the performances given by the Starship Northwest performers and the Starship Celebration Dancers comprised of the Chancellor, Marilyn Vasquez, Anna Rominger, Ken Coopwood, Denise Travis, Margaret Skurka, Patti Lundberg and Kathy Malone. They entertained us with their singing and dancing to “My Girl” by the Temptations and “Celebrate” by Kool and the Gang. It was a lively event and everyone had a great time, thank you Chancellor Bergland!

Summary and Next Meetings

In addition to the final 2005 outcome reports you will find the work produced for each outcome on our website. These documents are available on the page that corresponds to each outcome and they are listed at the bottom of each of these pages under the heading Files.

The Strategic Planning Team agreed to hold their spring retreat on May 30, 31 and June 1, 2006 and their fall retreat on November 13, 14, and 15. Please read over the final 2005 outcome reports and review our 2006 outcomes and deliverables. Contact a team member if you have questions, comments or ideas. We want to hear from you!

Submitted on behalf of the Strategic Planning Team,
Kathryn Lantz
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor
University Advancement