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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee


E-mail message to IU Northwest Community regarding June 7 & August 24, 2005 Meetings:  

October 20, 2005

Dear Campus Community,

Consistent with the Long-Range Facilities Planning process, just as each program on the IU Northwest campus submits programmatic needs, the Strategic Planning Team is charged with looking at the broader facilities and information technology needs of the campus. The Strategic Planning Team met on June 7 and August 24 and worked on Guidelines for the Facilities Planning Committee and Guidelines for the Technology Council.

In the June 7 session we identified vision-based long-range facilities required to achieve our 2010 strategic outcomes and also revised the “Guidelines for Facilities Planning, General Principles” document identified at the Strategic Planning Retreat in November 2004.

In the August 24 session we identified vision-based long range Information Technology priorities that are required to achieve our 2010 strategic outcomes. These priority areas, along with the Preamble and Principles that were completed at the May 2005 Strategic Planning Retreat, combine to make up the Guidelines for Technology Council in Developing an Information Technology Plan.

These Information Technology documents, along with the facilities documents, can be viewed online. The next meeting of the Strategic Planning Team will be a fall retreat scheduled for November 30 - December 1, 2005.


Kathryn M. Lantz