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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee


E-mail message to IU Northwest Community regarding 11/9-12/2004 retreat  

Dear IU Northwest Campus Community,

As mentioned in recent correspondence from Linda Delunas, IU Northwest’s Strategic Planning Team (SPT) held a retreat in South Bend November 9-12. During that time, the group addressed several topics at some length and with considerable depth. An outline of items covered includes:

A review of 2004 and 2010 strategic planning outcomes and establishment of 2005 outcomes toward the long-term goals

  • Discussion and confirmation of the roles and responsibilities and accountabilities of outcomes chairs and corresponding support structures
  • Discussion of progress on AQIP projects and selection of new projects
  • The establishment of guidelines for the campus Facilities Planning Committee
  • A review and alteration of strategic areas of focus relating to the Shared Vision
  • Communication regarding the retreat

The topic of mission differentiation was not addressed at the retreat. Several detailed documents relating to the retreat’s proceedings may be accessed by going to the SPT’s web site: http://www.IU .

General Introductory Activities

The meeting was a mix of 22 continuing, outgoing and incoming members of the SPT. Participants included:

Continuing members: Jon Becker, Bruce Bergland, Ken Coopwood, Ray Fontaine, Chuck Gallmeier, Dee Dee Ige, Jeff Lorber, Anna Rominger, Margaret Skurka, Ernest Smith, Don Steward, Cathy Tallos and Marilyn Vasquez

Outgoing members (term expires December 31, 2004): Linda Delunas, Iztok Hozo, Mary Lee and Marianne Milich

Incoming members (term begins January 1, 2005): Audrea Davis, Scott Fulk, Dave Klamen, Patti Lundberg and Denise Travis

Strategic Planning Outcomes (2004, 2005 & 2010)

The SPT reviewed progress to date on 2004 outcomes. After discussion, the SPT decided to delete Outcome #9 relative to excellence in the utilization of technology with the stipulation that all of the other eight outcomes provide for the inclusion of effective use of technology in their ongoing activities. Outcome #9 was one of the campus’ previous AQIP projects and significant efforts had been made by the appropriate committee in working toward that goal. Outcome chairs are to provide a full report of results toward respective 2004 outcomes by January 31, 2005; corresponding documents are to be on the SPT web page by February 14, 2005. After reviewing 2010 outcomes, the SPT then gauged and determined 2005 outcomes in working toward long-term goals. 2005 and 2010 outcomes can be found on the SPT’s web site.

Roles & Accountabilities of Outcome Chairs and Support Structures

Significant discussion of responsibilities of outcome chairs occurred whereby it was decided that some form of remuneration will be enacted. It was agreed by the forward going members of SPT that the Chancellor’s Cabinet will determine an equitable mix of course reduction and/or salary enhancement for persons serving as chairs during 2005. If an equitable mix cannot be determined, chairs will receive a set amount of financial compensation; the amount will be determined by the Cabinet.

Chairs for the strategic planning outcomes for January 1- December 31, 2005, will be:

General Area
Academic excellence Dave Klamen
Preparation of graduates Dee Dee Ige (Spring & Summer)
Margaret Skurka (Fall)
Shared Code & respect for others Ken Coopwood
Campus diversity Denise Travis
Fiscal effectiveness Anna Rominger
Academically excellent programs aligned with Sustainable Regional Vitality and Cultural Discovery and Learning Patti Lundberg
Student-Centered Principles Ernest Smith
Regional Outreach Jon Becker

Committees for each of the outcomes will evolve over the coming weeks. For a more complete listing of chair and support assignments for 2005 as well as a listing of roles and accountabilities, please go to the SPT web site.

AQIP Projects

A brief report on progress toward current AQIP projects was provided and discussion ensued regarding selecting future projects that more directly related to strategic outcomes of the campus. An update on the previous projects can be viewed on the SPT web site.

Three new, two-year AQIP projects were selected in conjunction with three of the strategic planning outcomes:

  • Outcome #2: Academic programs and relevant support programs have identified criteria to assess student preparation for lifelong learning, ethical practice, developing successful careers, and effective citizenship.
  • Outcome #4: IU Northwest will be using a formalized process for recruiting, retaining and developing diverse faculty (FRAME) and will have developed a similar process for staff and administrators in support of academic excellence.
  • Outcome #7: All units will articulate and communicate a sustainable service philosophy that is aligned with the Student-Centered Principles and will have developed ongoing individual and unit measurements that document this alignment.

Facilities Planning Guidelines

A document, Guidelines for Facilities Planning Committee, was completed and will be forwarded to the Facilities Planning Committee for use. The document can be found on the SPT web site.

Strategic Areas of Focus

The SPT decided to maintain its previous strategic areas of focus identified early on in the Shared Vision process: 1) campus climate and 2) unique identity. Another strategic area was added: 3) pursuit of excellence.

Communication and Action Steps

Ongoing communication with the campus and the external community about the SPT’s activities will be coordinated by Jeff Lorber, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. Don Steward, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, and his staff will be responsible for posting relevant information to the SPT’s web site. Content and accuracy of documents will be the responsibility of respective Outcomes chairs.

Future meeting dates for the SPT were determined:

  • Afternoon and evening of Wednesday, February 16, and all day Thursday, February 17, 2005
  • Evening of Monday, May 23, through Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Respectfully submitted,

Signature Jeff Lorber

Jeff Lorber, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Indiana University Northwest
3400 Broadway
Gary, IN 46408
(219) 981-4232
(219) 981-4244 FAX