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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

November 2004 Retreat

Guidelines for Facilities Planning Committee


The Facilities Planning Committee is charged with developing a process and a plan that:

  • Supports the strategic direction of the campus.
  • Allows achievement of annual operating needs.
  • Includes the capacity to react to unforeseen opportunities for improvement.
  • Ensures facilities that are consistent with the Shared Vision and Mission of IU Northwest.
  • Establishes plans for campus expansion and reconfiguration in collaborative and cooperative ways with the neighboring community.

General Principles

In making facilities recommendations, the Facilities Planning Committee will ensure that:

  1. Decisions promote the unique identity of IU Northwest as
    1. A campus of IU, and
    2. An institution known for excellence in cultural discovery and learning and sustainable regional vitality
  2. Decisions produce an environment conducive to learning for diverse groups and learning styles and conducive to the pursuit of scholarship, discovery, creativity and service.
  3. Decisions are consistent with the campus’ “Student Centered Principles.”
  4. Decisions promote well-being through an environment that ensures the safety and security of all who come to campus.
  5. Decisions promote the real and perceived accessibility of the campus to the community we serve.
  6. Decisions promote an attractive and convenient environment that is engaging to students, faculty, staff, administration, and the community at large.
  7. Decisions are consistent with our goal of providing an environment that is aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Decisions are environmentally responsible to the extent feasible for the university.
  9. Sustainability issues are addressed in all decisions.


When making current and future design, space and infrastructure recommendations, the following should be considered in addition to the general principles:

  • Ensure that there is an appropriate mix of space for intimate gatherings and larger activities.
  • Provide for flexibility in terms of immediate and longer-term use.
  • Ensure support for appropriate technology to enable users in their pursuit of excellence.


The design, location, proximity and scale of signage optimize the IU brand.

2010 Outcome 1

IU Northwest will have attractive and convenient facilities conducive to learning, scholarship, discovery, creativity, and service (guidelines to be provided within one year by Strategic Planning Team).

2010 Outcome 2

IU Northwest will have facilities that are attractive, convenient and conducive to life-long learning, ethical practices, developing successful careers, and effective citizenship.

2005 Outcomes

Outcome #5

As program prioritization determines programmatic change, ensure that there is a process in place to reallocate facilities appropriately.

November 17, 2004