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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

November 2004 Retreat

Outcomes and Chair/Support Structure for 2005
Identified at Fall Strategic Planning Retreat – November 2004

Outcome Number

Outcomes for 2005

Outcomes for 2010

Chair/Support Information


In the context of academic excellence, IU Northwest has a shared definition of a love of ideas, and achievement and engagement in learning, scholarship, discovery, creativity, and service for students, faculty, staff, and administration.

IU Northwest’s value for academic excellence as defined by a love of ideas, and achievement and engagement in learning, scholarship, discovery, creativity, and service is clearly reflected in its performance, in its curricula, and in its recognition, reward, and tenure practices.

Dave Klamen, Chair
Chuck Gallmeier, Support
Patti Lundberg, Support
All campus constituents


Academic programs and relevant support programs have identified criteria to assess student preparation for lifelong learning, ethical practice, developing successful careers, and effective citizenship.

All academic programs and relevant support programs have implemented teaching and learning experiences that ensure they will prepare their 2014 graduates for lifelong learning, ethical practices, developing successful careers, and effective citizenship.

Dee Dee Ige, Chair (Spring/Summer 2005)
Margaret Skurka, Chair (Fall 2005)
Anna Rominger, Support
External constituents (employers)


The IU Northwest campus community will be knowledgeable of and accountable for the IU Northwest Statement of Principles and the Shared Code of Conduct.*

*See Academic Handbook, Student Code, Staff Handbook and Professional Staff Handbook

IU Northwest students, faculty, staff, and administrators value and demonstrate respect for each other, and support individual and campus community aspirations and growth.

Ken Coopwood, Chair
Mary Lee, Support
Scott Fulk, Support
All campus constituents


IU Northwest will be using a formalized process for recruiting, retaining and developing diverse faculty (FRAME) and will have developed a similar process for staff and administrators in support of academic excellence.

IU Northwest values and is recognized for its commitment to diversity as a critical component of excellence in higher education as demonstrated through recruitment and retention of students, faculty, staff and administrators, employment practices, professional development, and its academic programs.

Denise Travis, Chair
Cathy Tallos, Support
Ray Fontaine, Support
Human Resources
Sponsored Programs


Support programs will have been prioritized. A determination will be made on the future of all academic programs in the third tier.

IU Northwest demonstrates fiscal responsibility and flexibility in collaborative ways to sustain excellence in its programs and services, and to respond to new opportunities for funding of programs that support the Vision.

Anna Rominger, Chair
Marilyn Vasquez, Support
Don Steward, Support
Dee Dee Ige, Support
Support Priorities Committee
Center Directors


Within the context of our unique identity, IU Northwest will have a shared understanding of the measurable characteristics that identify excellence in any academic program or support service.

IU Northwest sets priorities and allocates resources to academically excellent programs and services that clearly foster sustainable regional vitality and/or cultural discovery and learning.

Patti Lundberg, Chair
Linda Delunas, Support
Ray Fontaine, Support
All campus constituents


All units will articulate and communicate a sustainable service philosophy that is aligned with the Student Centered Principles and will have developed ongoing individual and unit measurements that document the alignment.

Campus decisions, including the allocation of resources, follow and support applicable IU Northwest student-centered principles.

Ernest Smith, Chair
Audrea Davis, Support
Margaret Skurka, Support
All campus constituents


A plan for sustaining outreach in Newton County will be developed and implemented, program activity in Starke County will be initiated, a needs assessment will be conducted in a third county for engagement, and an inventory of IU Northwest’s collaborative/cooperative activities in Lake, LaPorte and Porter Counties will be completed.

IU Northwest successfully collaborates and cooperates in the seven counties it serves on issues relating to sustainable regional vitality and cultural discovery and learning.

Jon Becker, Chair
Jeff Lorber, Support
University Advancement
Office of Mgmt Development
Center Directors
External Groups

November 17, 200