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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP)

2006 Final Achievement - Status Summary:

The Academic Quality Improvement Project Team made the following recommendations which received approval from the Strategic Planning Team:

  1. The following outcome should be added as a 2010 Outcome:
    • IU Northwest systematically measures effectiveness in its organizational structures and processes, and uses data derived from these measures for continuous improvement.
  2. The 2007 Outcome # 2 should be revised with one change:
    • The Faculty Organization has approved the learning experience that delivers principles two and three of the General Education Program.
  3. The following action with respect to current AQIP Action Projects:
    • The General Education Reform, to help student learn, be retained, but divided:
      • General Education Reform
      • Student Learning Outcome Assessment
    • Keep the Commitment to Diversity
    • Retire the Student-Centered Decision Making
    • Increasing our Capacity for Measuring Effectiveness & Planning Continuous Improvement will be retained, but divided:
    • a. Increasing Our Capacity for Measuring Institutional Effectiveness
      b. Planning Continuous Improvement (examining the structure and mapping the processes of SPCIT and AQUI Coordinating Committee, etc.)

NOTE: All other remaining Category Working Group Action Areas not covered in the above recommendations will be prioritized and discussed at the May 2007 Strategic Planning Retreat.