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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

2007 Outcomes & Status Report

Outcome #1
Administrators have documented that their recognition/reward and tenure practices are in alignment with academic excellence. 

Status Report:  Cabinet members have gathered information regarding the processes used within each unit.  The information documents that faculty committees and Deans are employing the Academic Excellence standards in their reward/recognition and tenure practices.  With regard to staff performance evaluation, administrators, if using the performance management document rigorously, are also employing the Academic Excellence standards. 

Outcome #2
The Faculty Organization has approved the learning experiences that deliver principles two and three of the General Education Program.

Status Report:  The Faculty Organization has approved Principle 2, and is scheduled to vote on Principle 3 at the February 2008 meeting. Proposals were funded and courses have been developed and/or revised to meet WI requirements.  A plan has been developed for the assessment of all Principle 1 outcomes, and a pilot baseline assessment was conducted on writing outcomes.  Review/creation of possible IW courses was done, and courses were subsequently developed.  Review of all 4 required courses for Principle 1 was completed with stipends for faculty development.  Plans to pilot possible IW courses have been developed with stipends/funds for course development.  Principle 2 requirements and outcomes have been developed.

Outcome #3 A
Relevant administrators, faculty and staff have completed merit based salary and equity evaluations for all eligible faculty and staff and have used the results to develop a plan for funding and submitted it to the President and Board of Trustees. 

Status Report:  The report of the faculty analysis following discussion by Deans and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs was submitted to the Cabinet on December 17, 2007.  As of that date the staff report had not yet been submitted.  These reports will be analyzed by the Cabinet during January 2008, and then subsequent steps will be taken regarding developing plans for funding.  However, because of the lateness with which the plans have been submitted, the timeline regarding discussion with the President and Chief Financial Officer will be delayed. 

Outcome #3 B
The administration will complete the action items in the October 2006 list developed after the Campus Climate Survey and focus groups.

Status Report:  This outcome has many action steps contained within it.  The steps arose from the process which involved first, the implementation of a campus climate survey, next, the holding of focus groups to discuss the results, and finally, the holding of town hall meetings to discuss those results further.  As a result of those various meetings, a set of actions were identified and the status, with regard to those actions, is as follows:    

  • IU Northwest Employee Newsletter:  Regular issues are being published with the first one having been published on October 8, 2007.
  • Handbook and Operational Manuals for Units:  As of December 17, 2007 over 50% of the units across the university had produced manuals.  After review of the variety of types and styles of manuals, a decision was made by the Cabinet to develop a template for the manuals and to ask the units to reorganize material so that there would be a common form for the materials across various units.  The Staff Organization will be asked to assist with development of the template and then units will be asked to reformat their manuals during the first three months of 2008. 
  • Police notifications of suspicious or criminal activity:  Currently e-mail notification is sent out by the IU Northwest Police and a daily crime log is available on the University Police website. 
  • Uniform procedure for communicating with students:  Effective July 1, 2007,     e-mail has been designated as the official means of communication with students.
  • Use of OnCourse by faculty:  Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is encouraging faculty to use OnCourse.
  • Possible formation of a staff group:  Meetings to discuss the possibility were held on February 13, April 26, June 18, June 19, August 23 and October 10.  A staff group, referred to as The Staff Organization, was formed and held it’s initial meeting in October 2007 and has been meeting on a monthly basis since then. 
  • Bi-monthly meeting of Cabinet, Deans, Faculty Organization leadership and other administrators:  Meetings were initiated on December 18, 2006 and have been held on a bi-monthly basis since that time.  Data gathered after each meeting regarding satisfaction with the meetings will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the meetings.
  • Administration develops a scorecard of critical leadership skills and a plan for leadership training:  The draft list of leadership skills has been developed and has been discussed with administrators and deans.  The list was circulated to the Faculty Organization on December 20 of 2007.  In 2008 leadership training workshops will be developed and implemented for interested parties. 
  • Administration commits to posting the agenda and action minutes of the Chancellor’s Cabinet on the Web:  These were initially published on January 9, 2007.  The process for dissemination was revised and currently the documents are located on a website on the Chancellor’s webpage.
  • The Chancellor and Vice Chancellors commit to meeting with each department and academic unit each year:  These meetings began in March of 2007 and are being held on a regular basis.  A survey will be implemented in January to evaluate the effectiveness of these meetings. 
  • The administration commits to working with full-time staff to identify professional development opportunities:  The Cabinet has developed a list of employees participating in professional development.  Summary comments regarding the number of employees pursuing professional development will be provided at the beginning of 2008, and a survey will be implemented to assess staff interest and satisfaction.
  • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs commits to meeting with each academic unit once a year:  These meetings were initiated on January 31, 2007 and are being held on a regular basis.  A survey will be implemented to assess the effectiveness of these meetings. 

Outcome #4
The enhancing minority Attainment (EMA) Committee has completed the Diversity Portfolio and external review process, part of which documents and contributes to IU Northwest’s increased efforts to recruit, hire, and retain a more diverse faculty, staff, and administrative workforce.

Status Report: With a goal of increasing the diversity of faculty, staff and administration, a university-wide Diversity Portfolio Peer Review Project was launched in 2006 via the Enhancing Minority Attainment (EMA) Conference. In 2007 the EMA Committee on our campus completed the Diversity Portfolio.  IUPU Fort Wayne was designated as our peer in the peer review process.  Our EMA Committee exchanged portfolios with IUPU Fort Wayne and each EMA Committee conducted on site visits. We received a report from the IUPU Fort Wayne EMA team which provided an evaluation of our diversity initiatives. The University EMA leadership team then complied and summarized each of the campus portfolios across four common dimensions:  (1) institutional leadership (2) curricular and co-curricular transformation (3) campus climate and (4) representational diversity.  Each campus’ portfolio was used as the foundation to develop and move forward with a diversity plan. A team was established on the IU Northwest campus to develop a plan. The IU Northwest Diversity Plan which includes strategies, objectives and procedures with accountability has been prepared.  In addition, as a continuation of the 2006 Strategic outcome for Diversity nine members of the campus, faculty, staff, students, and administrators were trained to facilitate study circles on campus to discuss Racial Diversity. One study circle involving faculty, staff, students, and administrators was conducted as a pilot project during the Fall 2007 semester.

Outcome #5
Relevant administrators, faculty and staff have developed recommendations for organizational structure, and have completed training on zero-based budgeting.

Status Report:  In the first two-thirds of calendar year 2007, emphasis was placed on the development of the College of Health and Human Services with Trustee approval provided in March followed by planning sessions implemented by the members of the College.  In addition, during Spring 2007, five budget workshop sessions were implemented.  Three training and awareness sessions regarding zero-based budgeting were held on December 11, 13 and 14.  A final meeting of the large planning group was held on November 27 to discuss the possibility of considering other organizational changes within Academic Affairs.  The group decided that it will reconvene as needed within the coming year. 

Outcome #6
In support of its aspirations for academic excellence, IU Northwest has defined its relationship with community colleges in the regions we serve.     

Status Report:   The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA) met with Academic Dean of Ivy Tech Northwest to discuss transfer of Respiratory Therapy (RT) and Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT).
Ivy Tech decided to discuss transfer of Respiratory Therapy but not MLT. The Chancellors have agreed on transfer of RT to Ivy Tech. Chancellor Bergland will discuss fate of MLT with area hospitals.
Ivy Tech will complete discussion with Indiana Commission for Higher Education on what needs to be done to effect the transfer of RT, and Ivy Tech faculty will visit IU Northwest campus to inspect lab facilities.

IU Northwest has completed all IU-Ivy Tech course and program transfer agreements. SOBE and SOE have also signed local agreements with Ivy Tech Northwest 70 Courses already entered on Indiana Course Transfer Library (CTL). IU Northwest has completed all state-mandated CTL entries.

Majority of articulations have been signed by IU Northwest and Vincennes University. BS in Chemistry articulation stalled due to inability to agree on transfer of Organic Chemistry Course. Acceptance will violate University Faculty Council policy

Outcome #8
Indiana University Northwest has established a unified campus plan for instructional outreach focused on our unique identity. 

Status Report:  Reports submitted.  Awaiting Cabinet discussion and determination on the future of Continuing Studies Unit.