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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

2007 Outcomes

Outcome #1
Administrators have documented that their recognition, reward and tenure practices are in alignment with academic excellence.

Outcome #2
The Faculty Organization has approved the learning experiences that deliver principles two and three of the General Education Program.

Outcome #3

  1. Relevant administrators, faculty and staff have completed merit-based salary and equity evaluations for all eligible faculty and staff, and have used the results to develop a plan for funding and submitted it to the President and Board of Trustees.
  2. The Administration will complete the action items in the October 2006 list developed after the Campus Climate survey and focus groups.

Outcome #4
The Enhancing Minority Attainment (EMA) Committee has completed the Diversity Portfolio and external review process, part of which documents and contributes to IU Northwest’s increased efforts to recruit, hire and retain a more diverse faculty, staff and administrative workforce.

Outcome #5
Relevant administrators, faculty and staff have developed recommendations for organizational structure, and have completed training on zero-based budgeting.

Outcome #6
In support of its aspirations for academic excellence, IU Northwest has defined its relationship with community colleges in the regions we serve.

Outcome #7
Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors and Department Chairs have incorporated processes developed in 2006 to make decisions consistent with relevant student-centered principles and unit service philosophies into unit performance evaluations. Units have developed measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the process.

Outcome #8
Indiana University Northwest has established a unified campus plan for instructional outreach, focused on our unique identity.