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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

2005 Strategic Planning Outcomes

Outcome 1
(David Klamen, Chair): IU Northwest faculty, staff, and administration agree on the student profile of academic excellence through achievement and engagement in learning and each constituency knows its role in producing that profile in all IU Northwest graduates.

  • The campus community will be invited to share their input related to the definitions on the characteristics of academic excellence from May 2005 through July 2005 through various communication vehicles.

Outcome 2
(Dr. Anna Rominger, Sponsor): 2005, Academic programs and relevant support programs have identified criteria to judge student preparation for lifelong learning, ethical practice, developing successful careers, and effective citizenship.

  • More than 20 meetings were held throughout the year to help refine definitions of four areas of consideration.
  • Definitions identified for lifelong learning, ethical practice, successful careers and effective citizenship were reviewed and commented on by more than 200 individuals.
2005 Outcome 2 Final Report and Deliverables

Outcome 3
The IU Northwest campus community will have knowledge of and be accountable for the IU Northwest Statement of Principles and the Shared Code of Conduct.

See Academic Handbook, Student Code, Hourly Staff Handbook (Clerical & Technical Staff - CWA Local 4730), and Professional Staff Handbook for specific Codes of Conduct.

In compliance with the IU Northwest Student Center Principles all students are required to be informed of information designed to make their experience at IU Northwest as productive as possible. The Student Acknowledgement of Receipt will help IU Northwest ensure the all students have been provided the IU Northwest Statement of Principles and the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

2005 Outcome 3 Final Report,

Outcome 4

2005 Outcome 4 Final Report


Outcome 5

2005 Outcome 5 Status Report and Deliverables

Outcome 6
(Dr. Patricia L. Lundberg, Chair): Within the context of our unique identity, IU Northwest will have a shared understanding of the measurable characteristics that identify excellence in any academic program or support service.

Outcome 7
All units will articulate and communicate a sustainable service philosophy that is aligned with the Student Centered Principles and will have developed ongoing individual and unit measurements that document the alignment

2005 Outcome 7 Final Report

Outcome 8

2005 Outcome 8 Final Report